Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Got a bit carried away in London...

I've just got home from a four day trip to lovely London! :D

I'm sorry if I haven't replied to your comments or commented on your blogs...
I've just been so buzy exploring London, hunting for polishes and drinking tea ;)

I'm so happy to tell you though that I've bought so many gorgeous polishes!! :D
I might even have got a little bit crazy and carried away in my polish hunt...
I brought 36 new darlings with me home...!! ;)

I'll do a proper polish haul post with them, hopefully later this week.

I got polishes from brands like:
LA Girl
Nails Inc
Barry M
Top Shop
...and more ;)

I'll also do a nail polish shopping guide for London later
- if any of you are going there sometime :)

Which brand are you most curious to see first?
...and 36 polishes - crazy or just fun...? ;)


  1. You were smart to get two Fantasy Fire polishes. They are so gorgeous. I'd love to see Revlon polishes first.

    1. I was so happy when I found Fantasy Fire! They are impossible to find in Sweden! So I got two ;) I thought about getting more - but I held back ;)

  2. Åhhh guuud så härligt!! Nu har du massor att visa oss. :-)

  3. I spy Revlon's Girly polish in there. I have that one too! Now how are you ever going to choose which beautiful new polish to use first? What fun!

    1. The Revlon polish looks gorgeous!
      No, I'll never be able to choose which one to try out first... ;)

  4. Guuud va många å sååå fina! :D dyyyy, revlon högst upp vid den orangea e det möjligtvis Facets of Fuchsia? :)

    -Btw Dy vet väl att dy måste ta me minst hälften av dom sen när vi ska ses!? B-)

  5. Oj vad roligt! Länktar till att få se swatches. :D

  6. Hi doll, so happy you had a wonderful time in London and this haul looks awesome, I look forward getting more details ;-)!!! xxx

  7. OMG så mycket kul! Helt rätt med många lack-inköp, hade jag varit till London hade jag nog också hamstrat som du! ;) Ser jättemycket fram emot att se alla nya lacker! :D Bara smakprovsbilden ser ju jättespännande ut. Kul att också höra att du tycks haft det riktigt kul i London! Jag vill också åka dit känns det som! :)

  8. WOW! so many wonders! Looks like you had fun. I'd love to see them all, but I'm a little bit more curious about Barry M. Can't wait!!!
    baci, xx

  9. Oh, beautiful little bottles you have here! I see many interesting blues and purples! :-)

  10. Haha, snacka om att shoppa loss! :-) Ska bli kul att se dem!

  11. Oj då, det där var inte dåligt! Ska bli kul att se :)

  12. hej! jag är en ny läsare hos dig. Grym haul!!

    1. Hej Sandra! Välkommen till min lilla nagellacksvärld!!
      Ja, det här är nog min största haul hittills... 36 st... :)


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