Sunday, 26 April 2015

Psychedelic Leaves Nail Art

I'm so happy with this nail art! The color contrasts are amazing! The bright orange red OY-MAK from By K and the neon cobalt blue from Mundo de Unas. A match made in heaven if you ask me ;)

A stampicure with a leaf pattern from MoYou London Tropical Collection-10. I call them psychedelic leaves because it's a flirt with the crazy patterns and colors from the 70's. :)

How do you like this crazy nail art? :)

Saturday, 25 April 2015

By K OY-MAK - swatches and review

Time for color! Real in-your-face-red brought to you by By K! This is OY-MAK. Quite a strange name but the whole collection has got to do with flights and flying and air plans. OY-MAK is a kind of number plate and OY means Danish and MAK is the code for a specific person.

I adore this shade! It's so bright without being a neon! Great formula too! This is two coats. Cream is what By K does best! Always flawless and spot-on-colors! And as always 5-free, vegan and certified cruelty free and now also allergy certified! This polish will be released in the beginning of May.


Type of polish: Cream.

Number of coats: Two totally effortless coats.

Formula: Excellent! Perfection! It just glides on to the nails!

Brush: Medium straight cut.

Top Coat: Yes. 

Grade: 5+/5

This amazing cream will be used again and again! I love it!

How do you like OY-MAK?

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Vintage Peacock Nails

I just couldn't wait to show you what I did to yesterdays polish, By K Freezing Fog! I stamped a graphic peacock pattern in gold on it and finish it off with a light pink stone to each nail.

The base is, as said, By K Freezing Fog and the peacock pattern is from MoYou London plate Tropical Collection-05. The gold polish used is Good As Gold from Essie.

I can't tell you how pleased I am with this manicure! It feels so vintage and I can so imagine it to a vintage bride! It's tone-in-tone but you can still see the pattern clearly and it has a sort of ivory feeling to it. Soft and romantic!

For this kind of nail art By K's Freezing Fog is the perfect soft base!

How do you like my vintage peacock manicure?

Saturday, 18 April 2015

By K Freezing Fog - swatches and review

Hi friends! I'm back! Have you missed me? ;) My plan is to do a few posts a month - if I feel like it ;)

I'm starting with a new polish from By K which will be released in the beginning of May. The whole upcoming collection by By K has a flight theme and this one is called Freezing Fog. This polish is flirting with the 70's with its pearl finish and I liked it more than I first thought.

Surprisingly opaque. Two coats is enough but since I'm quite fussy I added a third. Still good compared to other pearl polishes!


Type of polish: Pearl.

Number of coats: Three.

Formula: Good! A bit runny so watch out for cuticle flooding. Very easy to clean up though!

Brush: Medium straight cut.

Top Coat: Yes. 

Grade: 3+/5

Pearl finish isn't really my thing but if you like the upcoming 70's style this is the polish for you! I can also imaging this polish on a bride for a wedding. AND it's a perfect canvas for nail art. Just wait and see what I did to this polish…! ;)

How do you like Freezing Fog?