Wednesday, 6 March 2013

China Glaze Winter Holly - swatches and review

I'm really behind with everything since my London trip and today I've been teaching all day so that's why I'm posting this so late. But better late than never! ;) Here is a gorgeous green glitter polish from China Glaze's last Christmas collection! But I don't think it's that christmassy so I wear it now ;) This is also my contribution to today's Green Wednesday :)

This was actually the polish I wore on my London trip and it's been on my nails for almost a week now and there has been no chipping at all until today! Pretty good for a glitter polish :)

This polish was a bit of a top coat eater but in these pictures I have only one coat of Seche Vite. Before applying the top coat it was matte and textured. It looked like what I imagine that the liquid sand polishes do. Quite a fun texture but I prefer it shiny because it brings out all the colours of the glitter better.

With a top coat
Without a top coat


Type of polish: Glitter.

Colour: Forrest green, gold and prismatic glitter a clear base.

Collection: China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection 2012.

Opacity: Good! This is three coats. Not too bad for a glitter polish.

Formula: Very good! A nice formula which is easy to work with.

Brush: Very good! The brush seems longer than usual. Has anyone else noticed this...?

Shine: Dries matte and with a sandlike texture so all the pictures (but one) is with one coat of Seche Vite.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Accurate! :) The prismatic glitter shows off more IRL of course! ;)

Grade: 4++/5 :D

This is a gorgeous green glitter polish with both gold and prismatic glitter! I've seen it a lot on other blogs and my expectations was over the roof. This was probably why I got a tiny bit disappointed that it was a bit darker green than I thought. That is the only reason why I don't gave it 5/5 because this is a beautiful polish!

Do you like this polish?
Have you notice a change in the lenght of CG's brushes...??


  1. Det här lacket är så snyggt och jag är glad att jag köpte det trots att jag var osäker till en början. Oj, en vecka utan att chippa! Jag var nöjd att mitt lack som jag ska visa imorgon har hållit i tre dagar :P

    1. Du kommer gilla det här lacket jag lovar!!
      Ja, en hel vecka utan chipping! :D Fast det var ju en vecka när jag var ledig väldigt mycket iofs ;) Men jag upplevde att det höll väldigt bra ändå!
      Lacket du visade var supersnyggt! Förstår att du hade det i tre dagar!!

  2. Replies
    1. Ja, den är fin! Speciellt i kombi med allt glitter.

  3. That is simply gorgeous. I love the little gold bits.

  4. Hi doll, I love this polish, it looks perfect on you, I did not get it for myself though because I certainly own enough glitters ;-)!!! And according to your photo it really looks like the liquid sand polishes!!! <3 take care my dear xxx

    1. Hi pet! Can you ever have enough glitters?! lol :D
      I think you should get it ;)
      Take care love!

  5. Underbart fint lack! Glad att jag köpte det i min senaste shopping på h2t. Har inte testat det än dock. Du har rätt i att det ser ut som liquid sand utan topplack. Har det blåa liquid sand just på just nu och det ser ut som din bild, fast blått då! :O

    1. Så det är så pass likt liquid sand alltså...? Kul att veta!!
      Testa det här snart! Det är så vackert irl!

  6. Så fantastiskt vackert! Finner nästan alla gröna glitter oemotståndliga.

  7. Det är jättefint. Det här har jag funderat på att köpa ett tag, och nu tänker jag att jag nog måste göra det.

    1. Ja, gör det! Jag tror inte du kommer att ångra dig! ;)

  8. Oh, my God, this one is gorgeous! With or without top coat! :-) I need it...! I need it...!

    1. Yes, it's really nice!! You'd better hurry to get it because I don't think they'll do more of the x-mas polishes!


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