Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Nubar Indigo Illusion with snake nail art

This is Nubar's Indigo Illusion with a black snake skin pattern on top.

The polish is a duochrome polish which shifts from blue to light purple to silver in depending on the light. There's also a very light pinkish shimmer to it on top.

It's very opaque. You could get away with one coat but this is two coats. It's easy to work with but you have to be firm with it otherwise you will get streaks.

The brush is very nice and the drying time is ok, more than ok actually :)

The snake pattern is made with Bundle Monster plate no BM-215. which can be bought on for instance.

I've heard that Nubar will stop making this polish so be sure to pick one up now if you like it! :)

Grade: 8/10