Monday, 15 September 2014

Blog break

Just a short post to tell you that I'm going on a blog break on an indefinite period.

My life is both crazy busy and chaotic right now and blogging feels more like a must than a pleasure. A distinct sign to take a time-out.

My love for polishes is very much alive though and I will keep doing manicures and nail arts! If you still want to see them and comment on them you can find me at Instagram and Facebook.

At Instagram I'm @jezzlan and I've got my own page at Facebook called Little Miss Nailpolish.
I'm also on Twitter as @littlemissnailp but I'm best reached on the other two.
I really hope to see you there!

I won't say goodbye, instead I say - see you! Until then, take care my friends! <3

My cat Smilla <3

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Purple Holo Leaves Manicure

The theme for today's Nail Art Sunday is "Longing".

To me this manicure represents fall and after a long hot summer I'm now actually longing for fall with its crisp air and bright colors. I also find it very cozy to light some candles, snuggle under a fleece blanket and have a cup of hot tea :)

The base is By K Lavender Blue and then I've stamped on a leaf pattern with the stunning purple holo Wild At Heart from Color Club. I used a plate from MoYou London called Mother Nature Collection-03. To break up the purple domination I added some green dots with the magic Reclaim from Nubar.

I'm very happy with this manicure and I got a lot of attention because of it too :)

How do you like this manicure?

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Gold Fish Nails

A quick stampicure for you today :)

The base is the beautiful By K Blue Lagoon and then I've stamped on a fish pattern with MoYou London plate Sailor Collection-05 and By K Copper Gold.

The result is a subtle gold fish pattern on a glimmering blue base. Beautiful in its own way ;)

How do you like this manicure?

Friday, 12 September 2014

KBShimmer Pt Young Thing - swatches and review

Last week I had no spare time at all to join Holothon 2.0 or Holo Friday but today I'm in! And what a gem I've got to show you!! A silver polish with a totally crazy holo effect!! So go and get your sunglasses before you take a look at this stunner! ;) I'm totally in love with it!


Type of polish: Holographic.

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Very good! No bald spots even with regular base coat.

Brush: Medium straight cut brush.

Top Coat: No. 

Grade: 5+++++/5

The holo effect is totally amazing on this polish! I could hardly believe my eyes when I applied it! This is definitely my favorite silver holo polish so far!

How do you like Pt Young Thing?

This is what the other ladies in Holothon are showing today:

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Golden Dog's Tooth Nails

This is what I did to the stunning polish Amazeballz from Lacquistry :)

The dog tooth pattern is stamped with Misa I Will Survive and MoYou London plate Pro Collection-07.

How do you like this manicure?

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Misa High Brow - swatches and review

Even though it's Wednesday there will be no green polish today. I haven't worn green for a while actually. I've been more into fall colors and today I've got a fall show stopper for you! This is High Brow from Misa.

The base is actually purple so depending on lighting it can look both red, brown or purple! Totally stunning! I wore this polish for almost a week! I couldn't bare myself to take it off! The glow from within is magic!


Type of polish: Shimmer.

Number of coats: Two, but it's a possible one coater if you do one thicker coat.

Formula: Excellent formula! Applies totally effortless!

Brush: Medium straight cut brush.

Top Coat: Yes. It actually dries semi matte without a top coat. 

Grade: 5+/5

A perfect shade for autumn! I love it!

How do you like High Brow?

Monday, 8 September 2014

Off topic: Flower arrangements

Lela from Le Lack asked me to show some of my flower arrangements and I thought why not?

I've been working as a florist for many years now and right now I'm both working in a flower shop and teaching floristry to adults. Yes, I've got quite long working weeks ;) But I love it!

I hope you enjoy my work! Especially you Lela ;)

On Instagram I regularly show my flower arrangement amongst all polishes and nail arts. If you want to follow me there I'm @jezzlan :)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Shell Fish Nails

A bit later than usual today but better late than never ;) I was worried I wouldn't be able to join at all because of lack of time. I'm starting to teach a new florist class on Wednesday on top of my ordinary work as a florist so busy, busy, busy now and until Christmas...

We've got wonderful weather today, it almost feels like summer, so I thought a very summery nail art would be appropriate.

The base is the magic Glitter Gal Blue and then I've stamped on a shell fish pattern from MoYou London plate Sailor Collection-07 with By K Jet Stream. So it's a mix from Australia, England and Denmark today ;)

I was very pleased with this manicure! It looks like the shell fish is swimming around in blue tropical water glittering in the sun. It makes me wish for more holiday :)

How do you like this manicure?

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Swiss Bank in London Nails

This post and manicure is dedicated to my dear Swiss friends Christine from Polished Marvels and Natalia from Polished Polyglot. Why? They are Swiss and this manicure is inspired by the spectacular Swiss Bank building in London. It looks like checkered lipstick if you haven't seen it ;)

I hope you like my Swiss tribute ladies! ;)

The base is IsaDora Pool Crush and then I've stamped on a pattern from MoYou London Tourist Collection-05, which of course is the London plate :) Polished used is Essie Blue Rhapsody.

How do you like this manicure?

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lacquistry Amazeballz - swatches and review

Today I want to show you a real wow-polish!! It was a gift from my great friend Goldie who snatched a couple of bottles of it the minute there was a release at Lacquistry! Well done and many many thanks darling! <3

Amazeballz is not really a pure glitter polish, nor a pure foil. It's also not really a pure gold color, nor a pure silver. To describe this polish I've had to invent new words. Amazeballz is a gliver goil polish! ;) Lol!

It's totally amazing and so unique! I've got nothing like it in my stash! I've never got so many positive comments from customers and strangers ever!

This is two easy coats and the removal was easier than with regular glitters (because it's a goil of course ;). I had no peel off base but a regular base coat.


Type of polish: Goil (fusion of glitter and foil ;)).

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Very good! So easy to apply!

Brush: Medium straight cut.

Top Coat: Yes. 

Grade: 5+++++++++++/5

A real show stopper! Get it if you find it! You won't regret it!

How do you like Amazeballz?

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Tea Cups Nails

Another green nail art for Green Wednesday :)

The base is By K Glacier, a wonderful minty green. Then I've stamped on a pattern from MoYou London Tourist Collection-05 using Essie Good As Gold.

If you look closely you can see that the patter consists of tea cups and tea pots but at a distance it actually looks as a type of croc pattern :D And gold and mint sure is a match made in heaven! <3

How do you like this manicure?

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Art Deco Holo Nails

The base for this manicure is the magic Spacecraft from Dance Legend. Then I've stamped on a pattern from MoYou London Pro Collection-06. The stamping polish is Essie No Place Like Chrome.

I'm pretty satisfied with the result. I like that the nails are only partially covered by the pattern so that the lovely holo shines trough :)

How do you like this manicure?

Monday, 1 September 2014

Isadora Pool Crush - swatches and review

Let's start the week with a golden oldie ;) This is the pretty Pool Crush from IsaDora. A lovely blue textured polish. This is two coats.

Today is also my cat Smilla's birthday! 11 years today! Hurray for her!! :D


Type of polish: Textured.

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Very good. Easy to control. Dries pretty fast.

Brush: Very wide straight cut brush.

Top Coat: No.

Grade: 4/5

How do you like Pool Crush?

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Turquoise Skittlette

The theme for today's Nail Art Sunday is "Skittlette". We had the same theme about a year ago and if you want to see that manicure click here.

The base for this skittlette is OPI Gone Gonzo! (ring finger) and I chose the rest to match that one. That resulted in a silver textured polish from Depend on the middle finger with the cool name of #2066 ;) and a turquoise polish from Color Club called Pure Energy. On two of the turquoise nails I did a glitter gradient with Gone Gonzo. All very matching and well thought through ;)

How do you like this skittlette?

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Chocolate Buttons Gradient Manicure

Warning for a big chocolate craving if you keep reading ;) But please do anyway! Lol!

This is a simple dotted gradient nail art but due to the choices of colors I made I think they look like chocolate buttons ;)

The base is By K Copper Heart and the buttons are made with dotting tools and By K Choco Mousse and By K Jet Stream. A pure By K polish nail art! :D

How do you like this manicure?
Did it make you crave chocolate… ;)

Friday, 29 August 2014

Glitter Gal Blue 3D/Holo - swatches and review

Friday means Holothon 2.0 and Holo Friday!

This beauty has waited far too long in my Helmer to be tried! It found its way to me via my dear friend Christine at Polished Marvels. Vielen Dank Süsse! <3

Great formula! This is 2 coats of totally crazy blue holo madness! :)


Type of polish: Holographic.

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Very good! No bald spots.

Brush: Thin straight cut.

Top Coat: Yes. 

Grade: 5/5

This is a perfect blue holo polish! Great formula! Fanstastic blue shade! Amazing rainbows! The only complaint I have is the name… Blue?? Please…!! ;)

How do you like this polish?

This is what the other Holothon ladies are showing today:

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dance Legend The Knight - swatches and review

Time for a real show stopper! This beauty was so hard to get! It disappeared from the shop shelves the minute it was launched - EVERY time!! In the end I finally managed to get hold of a mini bottle. Yay!! :D

And it was worth waiting for I can tell you!! Wow!! What a stunning multichrome polish!! Hence all the pictures today ;)

This is two coats and the color shifts are magic and easy to spot! Totally unique in my collection!!


Type of polish: Multichrome.

Number of coats: Two, but it's a possible one coater on short nails.

Formula: Ok formula. A bit runny. Apply with easy hands to avoid bald spots and brushstrokes.

Brush: Thin straight cut brush.

Top Coat: Yes. 

Grade: 5+++++++++++/5

I don't care that this polish hasn't got the best of formulas, just look at it! It's amazing!!

How do you like The Knight?

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Butterflies in Nets Manicure

It's Green Wednesday and I'm joining with a green based nail art today!

The base is the stunning Mermaid Cave from By K. I keep coming back to this polish again and again, I can't get enough of it! :D

Then I've done a double stamping. First with Mentality Rigoberta and MoYou London plate Pro Collection XL-01 (the net) and then with Essie Blue Rhapsody and MoYou London Princess Collection-14 (the butterflies).

I was very pleased with the result of the manicure but I'm not that sure if I'm pleased with how I named it ;)

How do you like this manicure?
What would you have named it?

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Summary of By K Autumn Collection 2014

By K released a small autumn collection this fall and I have shown you them one by one during the summer. Here is a summary though and as usual in the order how I liked them :)

To me these are real fall colors and as the rest of all By K's polishes they are certified cruelty free, vegan and 5-free.

By K Mermaid Cave
By K Confidence
By K Dandelion

How do you like this mini collection?
Would you have put them in this order?

Monday, 25 August 2014

Rimmel London Oh, Mr Darcy! - swatches and review

This is a polish I actually bought mostly for its name. I love Jane Austen and I love "Pride and Prejudice". Mr Darcy is one of the characters in that book. Hand on the heart now, who hasn't been a little bit in love with Colin Firth playing Mr Darcy in one of the tv series versions (BBC 1995)…? ;)

The color is a lovely nude color though. Unfortunately its no longer with me since it was a gift to my great friend Goldie who definitely has had a crush on a certain Mr Darcy ;)

This is three easy coats with a top coat.


Type of polish: Cream.

Number of coats: Three.

Formula: Good. A tiny bit thin but not runny.

Brush: Wide rounded brush.

Top Coat: Yes. 

Grade: 3+/5

I'm not quite sure why Rimmel chose such a dull color for Mr Darcy though… Ok, he's a bit boring and stiff in the beginning but in the end quite passionate actually ;) I would have chosen a royal blue color for a polish with this name. Or a dark navy blue ;)

How do you like Oh, Mr Darcy!?
What color do you see Mr Darcy as?

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Stars on Holo Skies Manicure

For today's Nail Art Sunday I've got pretty silver stars on dark blue holo skies for you :)

The base is the magically beautiful Dream from Zoya and the stars are made with Essie No Place Like Chrome and MoYou London plate Princess Collection-14. For extra sparkle I added one coat of INM Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat "Silver".

I'm very happy with the result! If you want to see Zoya Dream on its own click here.

How do you like this manicure?

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Summary of By K Summer Collection 2014

In case I've got a complete polish collection I usually do a summary of it - and now it's time to sum up the wonderful summer collection from By K! I've listed the nine polishes in the order how I like them. The first one is my favorite and so on.

I've got many questions on where to get hold of these amazing polishes and if you live in Denmark you can order them from By K at:

If you live outside Denmark you can get them at: They ship all over Europe.

If you live outside Europe you can contact By K directly to see if they can help you. Go to:

Ok, time for the list! And remember they are all certified cruelty free, vegan and not less than 5-free! Great for you and for the animals :)

By K Blue Lagoon
By K Waterfall
By K Limelight
By K Glacier
By K Lavender Blue
By K Camelia Rose
By K Copper Heart
By K Pretty Nude
By K Sugar Rush
How do you like this collection?
Do you agree on my order? :)