Monday, 30 September 2013

Back in business!

Hi everyone!
Have you missed me? ;) I'm feeling better now and have decided to join a Halloween Challenge this month. The host of this challenge is Bec at Lacquer Dreams. I might not do all the challenges but hopefully most of them. More info tomorrow!

From now on I won't blog every day unless I feel like it. I'm sick of the pressure I've put on myself the last one and a half years. I have chosen my blog before so many other things I've also wanted to do. I've stopped crocheting, painting, reading etc but that's all in the past now. So from now on I'll blog if I feel like it or do something else if I feel more like doing that. Just wanted to let you know what's happening here at LMNP ;)

If you want to join this Halloween Challenge just go to this page.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

On sick leave for a few days

Dear readers,
I'm feeling very poorly right now so I'll be on sick leave for a few days.
See you when I'm feeling better! I need to rest for a while.
Hope you understand.

Take care! xoxo

Monday, 23 September 2013

Illamasqua Fragile - swatches and review

For this Blue Monday I've got an Illamasqua polish to show you. I love Illamasqua! Great formulas, great brushes and great colors! This polish is no exception. This is Fragile from the I'mperfection Collection released Spring 2013. A collection of soft colors all filled with black glitters. I've showed you one before - the stunning Mottle. But this is Fragile!


Type of polish: Glitter.

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Excellent! Just perfect! No glitter fishing at all. A dream to apply!

Brush: Excellent! And underneath that big cap is a smaller one, so easy to grip!

Top Coat: Yes, one coat of Seche Vite.

Color accuracy in pictures: Accurate. 

Grade: 4+/5

I love the color of this polish and combined with the black large and micro glitters it's adorable! My nails look like some kind of birds egg :) Perfect for Easter! Lol! :D

How do you like Fragile?
Do you like Illamasqua's polishes?

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Autumn Leaves Nail Art

For this Nail Art Sunday I want to show you an autumn manicure! I did some stamping with a leaf motive in different colors on a yellow base. And with some I mean 72 times :) Every single leaf is stamped on its own. Yes, it took a while but it was worth it in the end :) My customers got totally crazy over this manicure! They didn't want to leave the shop and asked hundreds of questions! Lol! :D

I used the following polishes for the leaves: (from left to right)
Nordic Cap NP07
Eyeko Saucy Red Polish
Catrice I'm Not A Greenager
Model City Dipping Chocolate

The yellow base is Lime Crime Crema de Limón which is a more soft and pale yellow irl. I'll show you it on its own some day soon!
The plate is Bundle Monster plate BM-221.

How do you like this manicure?
Are you looking forward to the autumn?

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Gina Tricot Heavenly Stars - swatches and review

Today I've got an older polish for you, that is Heavenly Stars from Swedish Gina Tricot. This is a bright blue and magenta glitter polish and in these pictures I have layered it over Isadora Sky Crush.


Type of polish: Glitter.

Number of coats: Two coats layered over Isadora Sky Crush.

Formula: Very nice! Easy to work with.

Brush: Very nice! No complaints.

Top Coat: No. Surprisingly smooth without a top coat!

Color accuracy in pictures: Accurate. 

Grade: 3/5

This polish is best layered since it consists of glitters in a clear base. It can be worn alone but then you need to apply perhaps four coats I think. It's a pretty glitter polish with a fun blend. It didn't win my heart though but then again I'm not that much into glitters in clear bases.

How do you like Heavenly Stars?

Friday, 20 September 2013

Face Stockholm Leto - swatches and review

I used Face Stockholm Leto as base when I did my lace nails last Sunday but I think this amazing nude holo deserves a post of its own! Especially today when it's Holo Friday.

It has a gloriously strong holo effect! It's actually holographic in any lighting and in sunlight it explodes of rainbows! It's such a show stopper!

This is two coats and the formula is absolutely perfect! If you thought Color Club's Halo's had a marvelous formula, you should try this one! Even better!


Type of polish: Holographic.

Number of coats: Two, but it's very possible that you can get away with one!

Formula: Excellent! Best holo formula I've ever tried! No signs of holosickness at all. A pure dream to apply!

Brush: Excellent! Perfect!

Top Coat: No.

Color accuracy in pictures: Accurate. 

Grade: 5++++++/5

I had to search for this polish in almost all Face Stockholm's stores in Stockholm before I finally found one store who had one left! But all Face Stockholm staff were very helpful and did their best to help me. Anyway, it was all worth it and I definitely think this polish is worth its high price (SEK169, £17, $24). The bottle holds 14,2 ml or 5 fl Oz.

How do you like Leto?
Have you tried any other Face Stockholm polishes?

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Flowers and Dots on Blue Nail Art

This is a nail art I did on top of the gorgeous and stunning blue jelly Will You Jump? from Sephora.

First I stamped on a Lily flower using Konad plate m57 and Essie Blue Rhapsody. Then I did the dots with a dotting tool and the same polish.

Essie's metallic polishes are excellent for stamping! So opaque and easy to stamp with!

I really love this Sephora polish! It's such a lovely blue shade and it's so sheer and glossy! I'm also very pleased how this nail art turned out.

How do you like this nail art?
What are your favourite polishes for stamping?

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Catrice I'm not A Greenager - swatches and review

For this Green Wednesday I've got a fantastic Catrice polish for you! I got this polish from my dear friend Goldie who got it in Spain for me. Thank you so much dear! <3

This is a very bright and vibrant grass green polish! I like it a lot!


Type of polish: Cream.

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Perfect! An absolute dream to apply!

Brush: Excellent! Wide and rounded!

Top Coat: No. 

Color accuracy in pictures: Quite accurate but it's a bit darker green live.

Grade: 4/5

I love the name of this polish! So funny and witty! :D Excellent formula and color too! Apparently a Catrice polish is either a hit or a miss and nothing in between and this one is definitely a hit! Get it if you see it! You won't regret it!

How do you like I'm Not A Greenager?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Nail Art Story Effect

As many of you might know I'm also on instragram as jezzlan or Little Miss Nailpolish. There I show nailpolish and nail arts of course but also other things from my life as my cat or beautiful flowers etc.

There are a lot of nail art accounts on instagram and one of the largest is thenailartstory. They have a staggering 224000 followers! Amazing!

Anyhow, a month ago thenailartstory republished my bumblebee nails with credit to me of course! It happened when it was night here in Sweden and when I woke up the day after I thought I had gotten some kind of virus in my instagram account or in my phone!

I had 86 comments and 7700 likes on my bumble bee nails and many new followers! I almost fainted but I felt very honored and happy! 7700 people had pressed that like button for my manicure! That's as many as every single resident of the Swedish west coast town of Lysekil! ;) (Udate! It's now 7900!)

This is what I like about social media. You never know what's going to happen. This was meant to be a sunshine story not a bragging story :)

Hope to see you at instagram! Search for jezzlan or Little Miss Nailpolish. Or use the instagram button to the left.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Green to White Striped Nails

I didn't know what to call this manicure so went for a short description of it :) This was just a test I did a couple weeks ago when I wore the stunning Nfu Oh MOR 10.

This is freehand work so please excuse the crookedness. I don't even remember which the other polishes were but they go from dark blue green to white. I just love the optical illusion of this manicure!

This manicure makes my nails look soooo long! I think it would be a very flattering look for short nails too because it will make them look longer.

How do you like this manicure?
What would you have called it? :)

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Black Lace on Nude Holo Nail Art

The theme for today's Nail Art Sunday is "Lace" and the possibilities were endless. My imaginary inspiration was a dress made of handmade French black lace over a nude slip. Haut couture of course ;)

For this manicure I used Face Leto as a base then I did some stamping with Illamasqua Boosh. I used Bundle Monster plate BM-209 for the fishnet pattern and Konad plate m57 for the flowers.

There was A LOT of stamping to create this lace manicure...! Because of the length of my nails I had to stamp the fishnet pattern twice on each nails. It was hard to make nice joints but I covered the worst parts with black flowers ;)

Speaking of flowers... Each and every flower is stamped one by one... All 26 of them...puh! ;) And that was just on one hand ;)

How do you like my Lace Nails?

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Essence Get Arty - swatches and review

This shimmering grey polish arrived to my collection through a swap with the lovely Natalia at Polished Polyglot. I love to wear grey on my nails and this beauty has a twist to it as well - a wonderful duo chrome pink to peach shimmer! Stunning together with the medium grey base!


Type of polish: Shimmer.

Number of coats: One! Yes, it's a one coater!

Formula: Excellent!

Brush: Excellent!

Top Coat: Yes. One coat.

Color accuracy in pictures: Accurate. 

Grade: 5/5

This is a fantastic one coater with an excellent formula and brush! It's also unique in my collection. Grazie mille cara Natalia!

How do you like Get Arty?
Are you a fan of grey polishes?

Friday, 13 September 2013

Cirque Bejeweled - swatches and review

If you read my blog post of yesterday you probably saw that I got a copy of Cirque Bejeweled in a wonderful nail mail from Christine at Polished Marvels. When I got it I felt I just had to try it right away! Off with the present polish and on with this beauty! And my oh my what a stunner it is! Pure royal blue holo perfection! Perfect for Holo Friday! Thank you Christine!!


Type of polish: Holographic.

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Excellent! Avoid applying on the same spot though before the first coat has dried at bit. It has a strong smell of Lavender. Not unpleasant but strong. 

Brush: Very nice! Not super wide but still very nice.

Top Coat: Yes. One coat.

Color accuracy in pictures: Accurate. 

Grade: 5/5

Bejeweled is really like having jewels on your nails sparkling like mad in the sun! Great formula, lovely color, awesome rainbows! The only thing I didn't like was the too strong smell of Lavender. I'm very sensitive for strong smells though. Christine said she hadn't even noticed the smell of Lavender when she tried it. So it might be very individual.

How do you like Bejeweled?
Have you smelled Lavender in any other of Cirque's polishes?

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Surprise Nail Mail!

Earlier this week I got a note from the post office saying that I had a parcel to pick up. I was very surprised because I hadn't ordered anything. To my great great surprise it was a nail mail from my dear wonderful blog friend Christine from Polished Marvels! :D

Christine lives in Switzerland but this time the nail mail was filled with Brazilian polishes and as icing on the cake - Cirque Bejeweled! :D A stunning blue holo!

Christine also sent me two super cute make-up kits! Each kit containing two eye shadows and a lip gloss. There was also some nail art stickers on the theme Oktober Fest! Ûber cute!! So now I really must try to do some Oktober Fest nails :)

Thank you so so so much Christine!! It was a wonderful surprise! You are really spoiling me rotten!!

Cirque Bejeweled
Modha HD Metallic Atrevida (means bold)
Perola Champs Élysées
Modha Nacarado Flashback

I have tried some Brazilian brands before, like Jade and Ludurana but above brands are new to me. I'll be so fun to try new exotic brands from Brazil!

Have you heard of or tried these Brazilian brands?
Which polish from this nail mail are you most curious to see?