Saturday, 27 October 2012

Orly Halo - swatches and review

They say that you shouldn't mix gold and silver... But this is just what Orly has done in this wonderful polish and it couldn't have turned out better!! Just look at this glitter bomb!! :D

In halogen light

In artificial light

Small gold glitter and large silver glitter makes a great combo!

Blurry picture so you can see the amazing glitter effect!! ;)

In daylight

Full hand in artifial light


Type of polish: Glitter.

Colour: Gold micro glitter and larger round silver glitter in a clear base. The silver glitter kind of even out the gold glitter so it looks like a soft pale gold polish. It's so beautiful! :D

Collection: Orly Naughty or Nice Collection Winter 2012.

Opacity: Good. This is three coats, but the third coat made no difference so TWO coats is enough. :)

Drying time: A bit faster than normal. :)

Formula: Very good! Even though the formula is rather thick, it's applies perfectly and stays where you want it to! :)

Brush: Very good! :) As always with Orly it's a bit of a thicker brush and the cap is lovely to grip while applying. :D

Shine: Shiny on its own, but I have one coat of Seche Vite in these pictures. It doesn't leave your nails with that super rough surface as most glitter polishes do either. After one coat of Seche they get surprisingly smooth but if you want them super smooth you had better take two coats of Seche ;)

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: What you see is what you get! ;) Except that they are much more sparkly and glittery IRL! :)

: 5/5 :D

This is a lovely gold and silver glitter combo which makes your nails glamourous in a tick! Excellent qualities for a glitter polish to. The creator of this polish simply must have been an angel and this was the colour of its halo ;)

What do think of this polish?
Does it make your heart beat a little faster? ;)


  1. Jag tycker det här var riktigt häftigt!

  2. Feck va nice! Fullpott!!!! Väldigt unik! Det här måste jag bara klicka hem!!! <3 btw är denna fr Orlys julkollektion? ;)

    1. Du kan låna mitt istället lilla lady! GWS!
      Hm, nja, det är från Orlys VINTERkollektion :-P

  3. It looks gorgeous! I actually love silver and gold together lol

    1. When I grew up it was a huge no no to mix gold and silver, but you are right... They're gorgeous together! At least in this polish ;)

  4. Very sparkly! super appropriate for the Holiday season.

    1. Yes it's supersparkly! :D
      I can definitely see this as a new years eve manicure! Gorgeous to a black dress!


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