Thursday, 4 October 2012

More new arrivals!

Today I received a parcel with EIGHT gorgeous new nail polishes!!! :D
Let's look at them, shall we? ;)

Exotic Encounters, Desert Sun and Cast A Spell

Halo and Miss Conduct

Live Love Laugh, Hello Gorgeous and Exquisite

A close up of Cast A Spell

I can't wait to try them on!!! :D

What do you think? Any likes or dislikes?
Which one should I try on first...? ;)


  1. Great choices! I just got Cast a Spell too and can't wait to try it. I'm curious to see the pink China Glazes on you! :-)

    1. Hi Ruth! :D
      Thanks! Cast A Spell looks gorgeous in the bottle, doesn't it? :D
      The pinks are for my "Paint them Pink" campaign :D
      I hope you still will be joining? :D

    2. Yes, I definitely will!! I have been on a dark & vampy kick lately but I will do a pink maniucure next week ;-)

    3. That sounds PERFECT! :D
      I've also been drawn to dark and vampy lately.
      Must be that time of year ;)

  2. Cast a spell verkas ju vara underbar :)

    1. Tycker jag me! :D
      Det var därför den fick en extra egen bild! ;)


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