Saturday, 13 October 2012

Balloon nails - swatches and tutorial

Yesterday was my birthday and I couldn't think of a more suitable manicure than a ballon manicure! If you can't have balloon nails on your birthday, when can you have them...?! ;)

I used the following polishes: (from left to right)
Nubar - Honeysuckle
Barry M - Blueberry
OPI - Green-wich Village
OPI - Red Lights Ahead..Where?
China Glaze - Happy Go Lucky
Barry M - Matte White
Depend - Black Art Liner

I also used a thin brush and some paper hole reinforcements stickers (the white round stickers).

How to do ballon nails:
Apply base colours. This will be the colours of the ballons.
Let dry completely!
Put the stickers where you want the ballons to be.
Apply a white polish until the base polishes don't shine through anymore.
Remove the stickers at once!
Let dry for a bit.
Paint the little "ends" of the balloons with a thin brush.
Make the strings of the balloons with a black polish using a thin brush.
Apply top coat. Done!

These are not difficult! They just take a while to do :) but most of the time is waiting for the polishes to dry and that time can be used for having a cup of tea or reading some nail blogs ;)

What do you think of this mani?
Would you consider wearing it to your birthday? ;)


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