Thursday, 11 October 2012

Four shades of teal - a quick comparison

Since my newest obsession is TEAL ;) I wanted to compare my four new teal polishes to see how alike they really were. This is the result! :)

In daylight
In artificial light

The compared polishes are: (from left to right)
Gina Tricot - Petrol
Barry M - Watermelon
China Glaze - Exotic Encounters
a England - Saint George

Ok, the are all teals, but they are all unique colours! :D No dupes here! ;)
And I needed them ALL! ;)

I can't choose a favourite... :/ but IF you twist my arm I'll have to go with... China Glaze's Exoctic Encounters AND a England's Saint George, because it's a holo ;)

Which one do you like most?
Do you have another favourite teal polish? Do tell!!


  1. Replies
    1. Ja, den är sååå fin!
      Måste göra en proper mani med den snart!!! :D

  2. My vote goes to "trumvirvel" St.George! :)

    1. Det kunde jag ju aaaaaaaldrig gissa.... :P
      Den e fin faktiskt! :D
      Du vet ju att dy får låna den sen om du vill ;)

  3. Great teals, all of them! I only have St George which I really love :)

    1. Thanks! I think so too! :D
      I've got this obsession with teals right now! :)
      St George seems lovely!! <3

  4. Holot givetvis! ;) Annars måste jag säga att teal egentligen inte är någon favo, inget jag plockar fram som favorit.

    1. Givetvis! ;) Hihi!
      Jag har inte direkt gillat teal förut heller, men när hösten kom så bara fick jag det på hjärnan!! :D


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