Sunday, 21 October 2012

Pink skittle nail art - Guestpost by Colourize Me!

My last, but absolutely not least, guest blogger is Martina from Colourize Me!
She has done some wonderful nail art to support my Paint them Pink campaign!

Martina writes:
"Hello there! I've decided to do a skittle nail art mani inspired by the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon. I don't own any polishes that supports breast cancer research, and actually I don't even like pink. Anyway, for this mani I used my favorite pink polish for the base. It's a beautiful light pink called Bardot Pink by IsaDora. It covers in two coats and the formula is great, even with IsaDoras gigantic brush. Then I used a polish from Depend's holographic collection, nr. 2027 called Raspberry for the nail art. The formula on this one is also great, and the color is amazing! Hope you like it!"

Thank you so much for your participation Martina!! :D
Check out her awsome blog here!


  1. Åh, vad roligt det är att se sina egna naglar på någon annans blogg! Hoppas att folk gillar dom nu :)

    1. Vad kul att ni gillade att vara gästbloggare! :D
      Kanske borde man bjuda in gästbloggare lite oftare? Eller bjuda in sig själv till nån annans blogg? ;)

  2. Jäklar va fina:) särskilt de prickiga!


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