Friday, 5 October 2012

China Glaze Desert Sun - swatches and review

I bought this polish for a friend but I just had to try it on first! Naughty me...!! ;)
This is NOT a colour for my skintone, but it's a lovely colour that soooo reminds me of toffee!! :D
When I look at my nails I can actually taste toffee in my mouth!!
Take a look and see if you can feel it to!! :)

In daylight

In artificial light

Doesn't it look like warm toffee sauce?! :D

It dries a shade darker than the colour in the bottle


Type of polish: Cream.

Colour: A brown/orange/caramel colour which best can be described as TOFFEE! :D

Collection: China Glaze On Safari Collection Fall 2012.

Opacity: Very good! This is two coats. If you do one thick coat, and aren't that fussy, you can get away with one coat! :)

Drying time: A bit faster normal. :)

Formula: Excellent! It's applies perfectly - like warm toffee sauce ;) and it stays exactly where you want it to! :D

Brush: Ok. A bit on the thin side but the formula is so good I didn't mind.

Shine: Shiny on its own, but I have one coat of Seche Vite in these pictures. NOTE! Seche made the colour a tiny bit brighter when I applied it, so make sure you apply the top coat evenly to avoid colour changes.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Quite accurate. Best picture is the nails in the bottle picture.

: 3/5 :)

This is a fun colour and the formula is great! I also love the strong toffee feeling about it!! :D
The relatival low grade is because it doesn't match my skin tone at all! But it would look great on someone with darker skin!
I also noticed that it looked better when wearing black clothes.

So, do you feel like eating toffee now...? ;)


  1. Tillbaka

    Var bara tvungen att ta en kall dusch ;)

    Det är toffee nyansen jag jagat :D vill ha Nuuuu

    Hoppas den passar min fina ansikte ;)

    1. LOL! :D
      Den kommer passa dig perfekt lilla lady!
      Du får den på söndag!
      Men ladda upp med toffekolor!
      Dy kommer behöva det ;)

  2. Nej, det är är inte min grej. Men bilderna är fina i alla fall :)

    1. Tack! :D
      Inte min färg direkt heller...
      Den är ju snygg, men passar inte min hudton...


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