Friday, 19 October 2012

Pink gradient nails - Guestpost by Rymdpolis!

My next guest blogger is Jenny who has done these lovely pink gradient nails to help support my "Paint them Pink" campaign. Jenny also runs her own blog called Rymdpolis (which is space police in English :)).

Jenny writes:
"I've used H&M's I'm a Saint (light pink), Color Club's Yum Gum as second colour and H&M's dark pink CITY which is part of a duo pack. I've finished off with Depend #335 from their fall collection.
It's worth mentioning that the scent of Color Club's Yum Gum actually is bubble gum! Very appropriate to a cute pink gradient! ;)"

Thank you so much Jenny for joining my campaign!! :D
Check out her blog here!

Take a few minutes and join you too! All info is found here.

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