Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Color Club Glitter Wonderland - swatches and review

Next polish from Color Club's Holiday Collection "Winter Affair" is Glitter Wonderland. I must confess that I don't really like purple polishes... :/ Now, don't get me wrong, I like the colour purple, but it just don't fit my skintone... But this one wasn't too bad to my skintone and the colour is amazing!! Prepare yourselves for picture spam... ;)

In artificial light

In daylight

In weak sunlight

In halogen light

Full hand in weak sunlight

Close up. Look at the amount of red shimmer in it! :D

In some lights it turns red because of all the red shimmer in it!


Type of polish: Shimmer (almost foil).

Colour: A medium purple base filled with so much red shimmer that it looks like a warm glowing purple foil. :D I can also see some blue shimmer in it and in dim lighting the polish looks like a red polish because of all the red shimmer in it! :D So I guess you can say that this is both a purple AND a red polish in one bottle! ;)

Collection: Color Club Winter Affair Holiday Collection 2012.

Opacity: Good! This is two coats. If you do very thin coats you might need a third coat. I did two fairly thick coats and it's completely opaque. :)

Drying time: Normal.

Formula: Just as Ho-Ho-Holly, from same collection, this one has a bit of a tricky formula I'm afraid... At least for the first coat. The formula is rather thin and I had to apply the first coat with light strokes and lots of polish on the brush in order to avoid bald spots... Second coat applied much better.

Brush: Good! Not too thin, so quite ok. I wouldn't have mind if the brush had been a bit thicker though... ;)

Shine: Shiny on its own, but I have one coat of Seche Vite in these pictures. I noticed a bit of a tip wear after the top coat had dried... :/ That is that the polish sort of shrank a tiny bit so that the utmost tip of the nail was left without polish. We're talking half a millimeter here, not centimeters ;)

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Quite accurate. Best picture is the artifical light picture. The others don't show off all the red shimmer enough and it's more sparkly and glittery IRL too! And I promise you that the last picture when it looks really red is how it really looks in dim lighting! It truely turns from purple to red! And not in a duochrome way, there's no variegation, it just turns red! :D

: 4/5 :)

This is an amazing polish even though the formula could have been better. I've never seen a purple polish with so much red shimmer in it! I think that is why I like it because normally I don't like purple polishes. And the way it turns red sometimes is just astonishing!! I've never seen anything like it! :

What did you think of this one ladies?
Any favourite so far from "Winter Affair"?


  1. Very pretty! I must take a closer look at the Winter Affair collection! There are some really nice once in there!

    1. Stay tuned to this blog!
      I'm showing them all this week! ;)

  2. Jag kan nog tänka mig hela den här kollektionen. Klarar mig utan Snow Flake eftersom jag har Nubar 2010. :) Men resten är ju så fina.

    1. Det ÄR en fin kollektion! Jag köpte hela hos head2toe för bara 3 dollar styck.
      Jag har också Nubar 2010. Den och Snow-flakes ser väldigt lika ut i flaskorna. Ska jämföra de sen tänkte jag! :)

  3. I just recently picked this guy up and started to swatch it on my swatch wheel when I noticed a funny smell. It was the polish. I was wondering if you knew if these polishes are scented or if it is just mine. Thanks!

    1. Hi! :D
      No, I didn't notice any smell from my bottle...
      I've just sniffed on all the polishes in this collection and they all smell normal to me.
      Strange with your bottle...


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