Friday, 26 October 2012

Comparison: Glampyre vs Cast A Spell - swatches

After applying China Glaze's Cast A Spell yesterday I just had to compare it to BB Couture's Glampyre because they are both heavy bronze/olive green shimmer polishes. So here's a quick comparison of the two! :)
Glampyre is on index and ring finger. Cast A Spell is on the others.

In daylight

In artificial light

In the shadow

In some lights they are similar but they are far from dupes!
Glampyre is more bronze and Cast A Spell is more green. Cast A Spell also has larger shimmer particles than Glampyre.
They are both very beautiful in their own way. Perfect for fall manicures! So sorry all you lacquer heads - you need BOTH! ;)

You can see a full review of Cast A Spell here and a full review of Glampyre here.

Which one would you prefer if you had to chose?


  1. Oj Jäklar va lika fast ändå inte! Jag tycker inte dy behöver båda så jag föreslår dy skänker bort en flaska till de behövande! B-)

    1. Oki, jag ger bort en flaska till Myrorna nästa gång jag är i stan :-P

  2. De behövande kan finnas i din närhet hint hint ;)


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