Saturday, 23 August 2014

Summary of By K Summer Collection 2014

In case I've got a complete polish collection I usually do a summary of it - and now it's time to sum up the wonderful summer collection from By K! I've listed the nine polishes in the order how I like them. The first one is my favorite and so on.

I've got many questions on where to get hold of these amazing polishes and if you live in Denmark you can order them from By K at:

If you live outside Denmark you can get them at: They ship all over Europe.

If you live outside Europe you can contact By K directly to see if they can help you. Go to:

Ok, time for the list! And remember they are all certified cruelty free, vegan and not less than 5-free! Great for you and for the animals :)

By K Blue Lagoon
By K Waterfall
By K Limelight
By K Glacier
By K Lavender Blue
By K Camelia Rose
By K Copper Heart
By K Pretty Nude
By K Sugar Rush
How do you like this collection?
Do you agree on my order? :)


  1. Många fina, men Waterfall är min favorit. :-)

  2. Åh, Blue Lagoon och Waterfall. :) Superfina.

  3. Awesome swatches! Wish I could try this brand!

  4. Lägger Waterfall överst - i övrigt håller jag med.

  5. These look great. I clicked the link - lol could be tempted ;-)

  6. Faktum är att min favorit är den sista, jag tycker att den är himla läcker:) Över lag verkar By K dock ha bra och fina lack...

  7. Blue Lagoon and Waterfall are my favourites, but I love also Glacier, Lavender Blue and Pretty Nude... and then, anyway I would like to have also all the others... :-)

  8. Oh, många fina här! Och fint med ett summeringsinlägg, jag har följt lite på avstånd men jag blir ju alltid larvigt förtjust i färger som Limelight har.. Dock är alla fina, hoppas att jag också får till att prova by K någon dag :D

  9. Åh Lavender blue & Glacier är mina favoriter =) Lucky U som har heeela kollektionen:)


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