Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Summary of By K Autumn Collection 2014

By K released a small autumn collection this fall and I have shown you them one by one during the summer. Here is a summary though and as usual in the order how I liked them :)

To me these are real fall colors and as the rest of all By K's polishes they are certified cruelty free, vegan and 5-free.

By K Mermaid Cave
By K Confidence
By K Dandelion

How do you like this mini collection?
Would you have put them in this order?


  1. That green polish is awesome. The rest is ok, but the green... Sigh :)

  2. Jag bara äääälskar den gröna, vill verkligen haaa den....haha...:-)

  3. Alla tre är fina, men Mermaid Cave och Dandelion är favoriterna.

  4. I'm loving the first two a lot.

  5. Hi doll - they are a funny set of colors no? While they are really beautiful I find the green the odd ball in here - I think a sort of "clearer" tone would have fit the pattern better. I like Confidence best ;-) puss, puss xxx

  6. These ones look amazing, good to see them altogether! Still loving Confidence :-)

  7. Här kan jag nog hålla med om ordningen. Det gröna är supersnyggt!

  8. Mermaid cave & Dandelion mmm dreglar B-)


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