Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dance Legend The Knight - swatches and review

Time for a real show stopper! This beauty was so hard to get! It disappeared from the shop shelves the minute it was launched - EVERY time!! In the end I finally managed to get hold of a mini bottle. Yay!! :D

And it was worth waiting for I can tell you!! Wow!! What a stunning multichrome polish!! Hence all the pictures today ;)

This is two coats and the color shifts are magic and easy to spot! Totally unique in my collection!!


Type of polish: Multichrome.

Number of coats: Two, but it's a possible one coater on short nails.

Formula: Ok formula. A bit runny. Apply with easy hands to avoid bald spots and brushstrokes.

Brush: Thin straight cut brush.

Top Coat: Yes. 

Grade: 5+++++++++++/5

I don't care that this polish hasn't got the best of formulas, just look at it! It's amazing!!

How do you like The Knight?


  1. I need a hero, like Bonnie Tyler sang! =)

  2. Ojojoj vilke läckerhet, sååå härliga färgskiftningar i det. :-)

  3. I love it and I have it! Untried sadly. WOW :-D

  4. Incredible effect, beautiful! :-)

  5. Visst är det ett helt FANTASTISKT lack! Älskar det så galet mycket! Har inte heller något annat lack som liknar det, vilket ju gör det ännu mer underbart. :-D

  6. Oh my, I absolutely love this one!! I must get it!!

  7. Hi doll! Absolutely spectacular and until I saw your pictures I had no idea that this baby got blue in it!!!! I love the Dance Legend multi chromes and compared to all the other multi chromes out there I find their formula the best - it seems they cannot be done any thicker maybe something to do with letting the colorshifts play? Who knows... But this one is definitely a must-have!!! Viele Küsschen xxx


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