Monday, 4 August 2014

Comparison cobalt blue polishes

My favorite shade of all is cobalt blue and I own quite a few of them ;) Somehow I don't have a single dupe. They are all different. Ok, similar - but not dupes! :)

I thought it was time for another comparison. I've done one before about a year ago and if you want to read that one - click here.

This time I compared the following cobalt blue polishes:

Index finger - Color Club Bright Night
Middle finger - Nail Inc Baker Street
Ring finger - Essie Bouncer It's Me
Pinkie - Barry M Gelly Blue Grape

All are two coats and with top coat.

My favorite is Blue Grape from Barry M (pinkie). It's the darkest but most vibrant one in my eyes.

Bright Night and Bouncer It's Me (index and ring) are the two most similar ones but, as I said, not dupes if you look closely ;)

Which one is your favorite of these four?


  1. They do look quite similar! But I can see the difference - try explaining that to a man ;-)

    I quite like Bright Night :-)

  2. Hi doll - oh I should do mine :-S but this is not about me but your post - love the comparison and I agree, they certainly are different!!! My favorite? Color Club Bright Nights ;-) have a lovely day darling xxx

  3. I like them all, but if I had to choose 2 I would choose Barry M Gelly Blue Grape and Essie Bouncer It's Me :-)

  4. Great comparison of these cobalt blues!

  5. Barry Ms lyser ju mest så jag skulle nog också säga den om jag skulle välja en och Essie som tvåa. Fast alla är ju fina såklart:)


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