Friday, 15 August 2014

Dollish Polish Redrum - swatches and review

Today it's both Holothon 2.0 and Holo Friday and I've got quite a gem for you actually! I haven't seen this polish on any blogs and that really surprises me because it's really beautiful! Dark copper red with a strong holo effect. I don't see many Dollish polishes at all actually nowadays… Strange.

Redrum was released in 2013 with the Halloween Frights Collection. If you find the name strange - read it backwards… yes, it says murder ;) The expression redrum comes from the film The Shining and even though it's not a very pleasant name it's still a very appropriate name for a Halloween polish ;)

This is two coats and the formula is excellent.


Type of polish: Holographic.

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Excellent formula! You're in full control and there are no bold spots if you avoid double dragging on your brush strokes.

Brush: Medium straight cut brush.

Top Coat: Yes. 

Grade: 5/5

This is a great holo with quite an unusual base color. Unique in my collection. Even holographic, ok weak but still, in the shade, see last picture.

How do you like Redrum?

This is what the other Holothon ladies are showing today:


  1. What a gorgeous holo. Just love the swatches of it here.

  2. Great rainbows, but not exactly my color.

  3. Om jag får vara lite "sådan där" så kommer namnet ursprungligen från boken av Stephen King, som filmen är baserad på.
    Väldigt vackert lack för övrigt, och som det King-fan jag är skulle jag gärna ha det i samlingen.

  4. Jättesnyggt, gillar den oväntade färgen! Har också funderat på varför man ser så pass lite Dollish, känns dessutom som flera shoppar har slutat sälja märket.

  5. ...and it's a very intriguing colour! I like it so much *___*

  6. This polish is breath taking. So gorgeous and it looks so great on your nails. By the way sweetie, I forgot to tell you in my last comment, you look lovely :*

  7. What a spectacular polish!!! And it looks perfect on you! Those certainly are the first pictures I see of Redrum and funny that you mention it, I thought the same about Dollish Polish. Maybe because the formula is a bit hit and miss - I have absolutely stunning ones and then those that require quite some figuring out how to work it. But I totally agree wth you: they are under represented these days - have a wonderful weekend and cuddles to Smilla - puss, puss xxx

  8. Fint och annorlunda! Och lite kul namn är det all på ett halloweenlack:)

  9. You're right, that's a pity that we don't see so many Dollish Polish around, because they're so stunning, like this one!! ^^ And I love the name too, I like horror movies :-D

  10. I think that it is a beautiful holo!
    And of course I love the name :-)

  11. Ciao Cara! This polish is simply fabulous! that is true I haven't seen this colour anywhere else, and it's a pitty because It's totally unique. I love how the hue changes according to the lighting too.
    stammi bene cara!
    baci, xxx

  12. :-) I don't like the name read backwards... but I do like the nail polish :-)

  13. I love this colour! It's amazing! *-*

  14. What an unusual colour for a holographic nail polish, I love it!


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