Monday, 3 September 2012

Real feather nails - swatches and tutorial

I've been wanting to do real feather nails for a long time and finally I found these beautiful feathers to use!
It was a bit tricky but just look at the stunning result!! :D

In artificial light

Isn't it cool?!? :D

In sunlight

Another close up... ;)

In daylight

Full hand picture

What I used to do my feather nails

How to do real feather nails:

You need:
A base polish - I used H&M's Nerd
A top coat - I used Sech Vite
A pair of scissors
A pair of tweezers
Something to push down the feathers - I used a wood cuticle pusher

Prepare by cutting the feathers to suitable pieces. It doesn't have to be a perfect fit. You can trim that later.
I recommend doing one nail at the time.

Start by applying the base polish and while wet apply the feather with the tweezers.
Try to put the feather in the right position at once because it's hard to move around it on the nail.

Push the feather down to the nail with a tool of your choice. Keep pushing it down until you see that it stucks to the base polish.
Wait a bit for it to dry.

Cut off the excess of the feather that sticks out from the nail.
Add a top coat.
If the feather lifts from the nail just push it down again until the top coat is almost dry.

If needed, add another coat of top coat to your nails after you have done all the nails. Done! :)

Grade: 4/5 :)

The result is stunning but it's quite tricky and time consuming.
It doesn't last as long as a regular manicure. This is a party manicure and, if you get it right, a real head-turner! ;)


  1. Omg va coolt!!! DU e så påhittig!!! De flesta svenska bloggar idag visar bara "vanliga " naglar. Din blogg e inspirerande å så unik, precis som du :D

    Puss å kram

    1. Äsch... U're making me blush... ;)
      Det e dy som e unik - inte jag!
      Pyss å kram! :-*

  2. Läckert, det ska jag testa någon gång!

    1. Gör det! Det ser ännu läckrare ut i verkligheten! :D

  3. Incredibly interesting! Great final effect! :-)

  4. Grazie!! :D
    They are really cool but waaaay to fiddly for me to do them again...! ;)


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