Sunday, 23 September 2012

Snake nail art - swatches

It's Nail Art Sunday today! :D 
These cool snake nails are my contribution! ;)

In daylight
In daylight
In artificial light
Full hand in daylight
The base polish is BB Coutre Glampyre and then I've stamped with Orly Luxe
and Bundle Monster plate BM-215. Seche Vite on top :) 

What do you think? Hot or not? ;)

I think Luxe brought out the gold shimmer even more from Glampyre
and that the two polishes go well together.


  1. Det här brukar alltid se snyggt ut och så givetvis den här gången också! :D Jag vill också ha den här plattan känner jag :D Fint fint :)

    1. Tack snälla! :D
      Man kan göra mycket fint med snake-mönstret på den plattan!
      En bra investering! ;)


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