Friday, 14 September 2012

China Glaze Purr-fect Plum - swatches and review

This is really the perfect plum colour! It's that brown/purple/maroon colour which really ripe purple plums have! A purr-fect Autumn colour on a rainy day like today!

With flash

In daylight
A purr-fect ripe purple plum! :)

In daylight

In artificial light

Close up in daylight

In halogen light

This is my purr-fect cat Smilla and she purrs A LOT! <3

Type of polish: Cream.

Colour: A rich purple plum colour that shifts in brown and maroon. The colour of a ripe purple plum! :D

Collection: China Glaze On Safari Collection Fall 2012.

Opacity: Very good! This is two coats. :D

Drying time: A bit faster than normal. ;)

Formula: Great! It applies really good and stays where it should which suprised me since the formula is rather thin actually.

Brush: Ok. A bit thin and soft and I guess the only reason I don't hate it is because of the nice formula. ;)

Shine: Very shiny on its own but I have one coat of Seche Vite in these pictures.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Quite accurate, perhaps a bit more purple IRL. The daylight pictures are the most accurate.

Grade 4+/5 :)

This is a really nice polish with really good qualities! It's a purr-fect Autumn polish when you start craving those gloomy colours, and as a cat lover I looooove the name of it! It makes me purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! ;)


  1. Gud vad fiiiiin:D får man låna?

    Smilla <3

    1. Lacket - GWS!!

      Smilla - näe henne får dy inte låna ;) m kom å hälsa på!

      Puss! <3

  2. This is a wonderful color for autumn! After all those happy summer colors I love rich and rather dark polishes.

    1. Hi Stadtwaldvogel! I couldn't agree with you more! :) It's the purrrrrr-fect Autumn polish!!


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