Sunday, 9 September 2012

Illamasqua's Flag Ship Store in London

Today I want to show you some pictures from when I was in London!

The first one is from Illamasqua's Flag Ship Store at 20 Beak Street in London.
This was like entering Illamasqua Heaven! ;)

They were so friendly and you could try as many polishes you wanted! :D
The shop assistant even let me have one of her two reserved "Hemlock"s, which were sold out and very hard to get! That's what I call good customer service! :D

I warmly recommend a visit to this shop if you go to London and call yourself a laquerhead! ;)

I ended up buying "Hemlock" and "Boosh". "Hemlock" is pale opal green iridescent and "Boosh" is a pure glossy black. Which Illamasqua polish is your favourite?

I also bought these two polishes from Top Shop. To the left is "Hidden Treasure", another dupe to Chanels "Peridot" (one of maaaaaaany) ;). To the right is "Razzmatazz", a light purple glitter holo.

I also want to show you this fabolous giant shoe made of willow and fairy lights that I found outside a shoe shop. It was so cool! :D

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