Sunday, 2 September 2012

Nox Twilight Disco Darling

Today I want to show you a beautiful silver holo polish from Nox Twilight!
Look at the pictures below and you'll understand why it's called Disco Darling! ;)

Disco Darling is inspired by the Twilight movie and apparently vampires skin sparkles like diamonds in the sun...

In sunlight

An out of focus picture to show off all the holo!

In sunlight - again ;)
In reflective sunlight
In the shadow
It comes in a gorgeous bottle with the Cullen crest on it!!


Type of polish: Glitter.

Colour: Lots of silver holo glitter in a clear base.

Opacity: Ok for a glitter polish. I needed three coats for full opacity.

Drying time: A tiny bit slower than normal... (but sooo worth the wait ;))

Formula: Good. Nice to work with.

Brush: Very good, a bit thicker than normal but that's how I like it! ;)

Shine: Very shiny on it's own, but it leaves your nails with a bit of a rough surface on the nails so therefore I have one coat of Seche Vite in these pictures.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Colourwise it's accurate, but it's so much more glittery live! It glitters like diamonds on your nails!!! :D And the holo effect really shows off in sunlight! It really does its name justice!! :D You have to see it IRL!!!

Grade: 5/5 :D

This is a really gorgeous glitter holo polish with nice qualities! The pictures don't do it justice!
If you find it - buy it! You won't be dissapointed!!

You can also use it as a holo top coat if you only use one coat over another nail polish.

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  1. De där lacket skulle passa M perfekt när han dansar till gangnamstyle ;)


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