Friday, 21 September 2012

Comparison China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Nubar Red Ruby Glitz

A lot of holiday collections are starting to be released now and that's why I wanted to compare two very similar polishes which are kind of x-massy ;)
I recently got my hands on China Glaze's Ruby Pumps (thanks Sabinapina!!!) and I wanted to thoroughly compare it to Nubar's Red Ruby Glitz because they are sooo alike - at first glance... ;) Let's take a look shall we?

In daylight

In artificial light

China Glaze to the left, Nubar to the right

These two polishes are alike but they are not perfect dupes!

China Glaze's Ruby Pumps is red micro glitter in a red tinted base whereas Nubar's Red Ruby Glitz is red micro glitter AND a small amount of micro silver glitter in a darker almost jelly-ish base.

This leads to that Ruby Pumps looks like a red glitter polish whereas Red Ruby Glitz looks like a red glitter polish which ALSO glows from within.
Ok, the difference is minimal but they are not perfect dupes as many people say :)

You don't need both in your collection and if you ask me I would recommend Nubar's Red Ruby Glitz because of that extra feature of a wonderful glow from within :)

China Glaze Ruby Pumps: 4/5
Nubar Red Ruby Glitz:  5/5


  1. I have Ruby Pumps and I absolutely adore it! Never tried any dupes for it...

    1. Ruby Pumps IS lovely!!
      But Red Ruby Glitz is a tiny bit lovlier ;)
      Try it! You'll like it! :D


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