Saturday, 8 September 2012

OPI Skyfall James Bond 007 Holiday 2012 Collection - swatches

I'm actually quite excited about this collection which will be released on October 1st! And honestly, I haven't felt like that about an OPI collection for a while now... But I can't wait to try out several polishes from this collection!
Last time I showed you bottles, now I have swatches :) Let's take a look, shall we?

Golden eye, The spy who loved me, Die another day

Casino Royale, You only live twice, Skyfall

The world is not enough, Live and let die, On her Majesty's secret service

The living daylights, Tomorrow never dies, Moonraker

A short description of the colours:

Golden Eyea bold true gold glitter
The Spy Who Loved Mea romantic red jelly with red glass flecks
Die Another Daya hot metallic orange

Casino Royale –  a warm deep purple plum
You Only Live Twicea rich high-shimmer magenta with glass flecks
Skyfalla burgundy/brown maroon colour that is said to be worn by the main heroine of the Skyfall movie. It's also said that the undersides of her long nails will be painted with the polish "Golden Eye". A new take on my Louboutin nails...? ;)

The World Is Not Enougha dressed-up taupe color with hot pink and silver sparkles
Live and Let Die –  a black with gold and green shimmer
On Her Majesty’s Secret Servicea semi-sheer grey-blue base with gold, green, and accent red sparkles

The Living Daylightslarge hexagon glitter particles in four colors: silver, light gold, orange and teal 
Tomorrow Never Diesa metallic blue with scattered hot pink micro sparkles 
Moonrakera silver mirror metallic grey with a hint of blue

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After seeing the polishes swatched I've actually changed my mind on which I mostly like to try out first!
I'd love to try out "Die Another Day", "Live and Let Die", "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" and of course "The Living Daylights" (who wouldn't?! ;)).
But of course I'd prefer to try them all...! ;)

Which one/ones would you like to try? And is your favourite polish from this collection the same as your favourite Bond movie...? ;)


  1. Jag är som vanligt totalt oimponerad av OPI's lack :p

    1. Man får vara det! ;)

      Jag tycker det för det mesta finns åtminstone en eller par intressanta lack i varje kollektion. I den här finns det flera ;)

  2. Jag har en mauve/taupe/mushroomy period nu så jag e sugen på The world is not enough.
    Undrar om den e lik Orlys Night Owl ?

    1. Så du har en bajsbrun period nu....? ;)

      Tror OPI's är finare än Night Owl. The world is... har ju sparkles i sig!! Å det kan aldrig bli för mycket glitter - nånsin!! ;)

  3. thanks for sharing..

    1. You are welcome!
      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! :D


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