Thursday, 13 September 2012

Laser nail art - swatches and tutorial

I was so pleased with my latest laser nail art nails (check them out here) so I had to do one more today! ;) I tried a different pattern this time and it turned out pretty good :)

In sunlight

In daylight

Full hand in daylight

I did them in black too. Which one do you like the best? Black or grey?

The polishes used are:
Orly's Beach Cruiser (neon pink)
China Glaze's Recycle (medium grey)
Illamasqua's Boosh (glossy black)

The laser nail art is very simple to do:
1) Start by applying a base colour (or colours). This will be the colour of the "laser beams". Let dry COMPLETELY!! This is important!
2) Apply striping tape to the nails in the pattern you desire. Make sure the tape is firmly attached to the nails and that there are no bubbles or such under the tape.
3) Apply the top colour.
4) Remove the striping tapes BEFORE the top colour has dried.
5) Finish off with a top coat. Done! :


  1. Omg va coola!! Jag måste skaffa sån där tejp

    1. Tack QT! <3
      Jag vet var du får tag på det! ;)
      Kikka mig sen! Puss!

  2. Den gråa tyckte jag bättre om än den svarta, snygga var de bägge två dock.

    1. Tack! :D
      Jag gillade också den grå bäst!
      Men det var hårfint mellan dom ;)


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