Saturday, 22 September 2012

Barry M Indigo - swatches and review

I borrowed this amazing polish from a friend and had it for ages without trying it... :/ Then I gave it back and now I have it again and this time I tried it! ;)
Ok, enough rambling, let's look at it instead! ;)

In artificial light #1
In artificial light #2
In daylight
In the shadow
Full hand i artificial light


Type of polish: Cream.

Colour: A very dark blue polish leaning strongly to purple (= a blurple!). Depending on the light it can look black, blue or purple - or like a mix of all of them! ;)

Opacity: Very good! This is two coats. :)

Drying time: Normal. Perhaps a tiny bit quicker actually... ;)

Formula: Excellent! It applies like a dream and it stays exactly where it should! :D

Brush: Good! Easy to work with! :D

Shine: Very VERY shiny on its own, but I have one coat of Seche Vite in these pictures.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: It's a bit too blue in these pictures... The most realistic picture is "artificial light #2". It's more purple IRL but it's not totally purple either... it's blurple! ;) You must see it live to fully appreciate it!!

: 5/5 :D

This is a gorgeous blurple polish with excellent qualities and to a VERY reasonable price too! :D (£2.99)
It was very hyped some time ago and I never understood why... but now I do! :D


  1. "blurple" LOL

    En gåva som dy rata, fick tillbaka och nu får den 5/5 !!!? Knasboll nu kanske dy lär dej att lyssna på Donkey.:P

    1. Dy sa gåva - jag hörde låna ;) Dy ger mig alldeles för många lack... får dåligt samvete juh... Tur jag har några på lager till dig nu ;)

      Jag lyssnar bara på mig själv! ;-P
      Sen går det så här också... ;)

  2. Fin blåfärg, ser ju galet blankt ut på naglarna! :D

    1. Det är VÄLDIGT glossy i sig själv, men jag har ett lager Seche Vite på de här bilderna. Det förstärker väl blankheten något.


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