Thursday, 27 March 2014

Pupa Nail Polish Haul

My boyfriend has been skiing in Italy for a few days and he was such an angel and brought me back not less than eight new Pupa polishes! :D Thank you darling! <3

I only had a few Pupa polishes before so I'm very happy! The holo one looks gorgeous! And the dark blue gel one too! And the dark green! They ALL look great when I think of it! :D

034, 053, 402
017, 700, 055
609, 800

Which one should I try first?
Do you have any Pupa's?


  1. I told my husband how much nice things your boyfriend brought back after being away...

    I would love to see 609.

  2. Jag är också sugen på att se 609 märkligt nog, rött brukar inte uppmärksamma mig annars.

  3. They.All.Look.Great! :-) The only thing not good about Pupa is that the bottle is so small :-) I have some "normal" Pupa's and I have all the holo collection (something like 7-8 of them) bought impulsively :-)

  4. Nice haul! Never heard of this brand but pretty shades :)

  5. Jag blir nyfiken på 017 och 700. Har inga Pupas själv.

  6. De ser fantastiska ut! Bra köp av pojkvännen:)

  7. Hi pet!!! He is so sweet to get those polishes for you!!! And I am so glad I don't have to choose which one to use first!!!!! I have one Puppa and I really like it (I believe - it's been a while since I wore it) - viele Küsschen xxx


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