Saturday, 8 March 2014

One year old unopened bags full of polishes...

Maybe it's time to open my four bags full of brand new nail polishes that I got in London in March LAST YEAR….?!?!?! :O

I've forgotten what's in them but I know there are about 40 polishes in them :D I know there's Kiko, Revlon and Max Factor Fantasy Fire but the rest is a mystery…
It will be like the best nail polish present ever to reveal what's in those bags!! :D

I can't believe I've just left the bags in a corner for more than a year?! I must be crazy!! ;P Since I'm going to London soon again it might be good to know what's in them so I don't buy any dupes…

Are you curious to see what's hiding in the bags…? ;)


  1. Ja, du är absolut galen som inte öppnat dom tidigare! LOL Men jag gillar dig ändå. :o) Är absolut nyfiken!

  2. Men gah, crazy! Öppna nu så vi får se...

  3. Haha, och jag som tycker jag är seg med att öppna paket och packa upp påsar som kan vänta flera dagar. Du vinner världsmästartiteln! :D

  4. WHAT?!?!? Yes, please show us!!

  5. I can't believe! More than 40 nail polishes and you also forgot what you have there? :-) This couldn't happen to me! :-) OK, I'll wait to see those poor little forgotten polishes! :-)

  6. Wow I'd like to see what's in them! ;-)


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