Tuesday, 11 March 2014

ACO Rich Care Hand Cream - review

It's time for another hand cream review! This time it's the Swedish brand ACO's turn. Their Rich Care Hand Cream can mainly be bought on pharmacies. The price is 52 SEK ($8) for 100 ml. (0,52SEK/ml.)

This hand cream contains canola oil which is naturally rich on vitamin E and it also contains Q10 which is an antioxidant. It's perfumed but it's hard to define the scent… roses maybe… and soap… it smells just clean as my boyfriend put it :) It's a pleasant scent though, not too strong nor too weak.

It softens your hand immediately but leaves them oily for a short while. But after a minute or two the oily layer disappears leaving your hands just soft and nice fresh clean smelling. A small amount of this hand cream is enough to achieve this.

So what about the durability then? Well, if you don't wash your hands it keeps working and I guess it keeps going after one or perhaps two hand washes but then the fun is over. Then you need to reapply it.

I really like the feel of your hands though after using it. Baby skin soft. And the scent is nice. It's not my best hand cream but it's totally ok for it's price range. I recommend it for daily usage but it's not a miracle cream.

Have you tried this hand cream?
Any thoughts on it?


  1. I like this. I think it works very well.

  2. Åh det är min favorithandkräm! <3

  3. Tror att jag har haft denna men det är länge sen. Jag svär vid ACOs handsalva, tycker den är allra bäst. Visserligen noll glamfaktor men det kompenserar den för genom att vara kanonbra och dessutom extremt prisvärd:)

  4. Det är en av mina gamla favoriter från för några år sedan. Ett tag sedan jag köpte den nu, men jag tyckte också den var bra. Kan absolut tänka mig den igen så at den inte blivit köpt handlar inte om att den inte skulle hålla måttet utan mer om att jag glömt den när jag varit på apoteket.

  5. Den här återkommer jag ofta till. Tycker den håller min händer mjuka hyfsat länge. Har en tub hemma i detta nu. :-)


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