Friday, 14 March 2014

Keep Calm and Carry On Nail

Dear friends,

When you read this I'll be on my way on a much needed mini break :) Working 60 hours per week I unfortunately haven't had time to prepare and schedule any posts. Possibly I'll be joining Nail Art Sunday on Sunday but otherwise you won't hear from me until middle of next week. I'll probably be posting some pics on my instagram account. If you want to follow me there I'm @jezzlan :)

Of course I'm not leaving you without a polish picture! The nail art is a clue on where I'm going… ;) Have a nice weekend and see you soon!

Can you guess where I'm going on vacation? ;)


  1. No worries! Hope you have a nice little break!

  2. Bring at least 3-4 bags full of nail polishes, but this time don't leave them untried! :-) Have a nice trip! :-)

  3. Hi doll, I know where you go to so ai will skip that question - but what is it you put that letters on to? Something with Fantasy Fire on Top?

  4. Ha en underbar minisemester, det låter onekligen som att den är välbehövlig:)

  5. Så skönt med semester, hoppas att ni har det superbra!


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