Monday, 14 July 2014

By K Camelia Rose - swatches and review

I'm still struggeling with my awful cough but this is my last working week before a four weeks long  vacation! Even though I love my job, I can't wait for my holiday to begin. I've worked so hard this year so my poor body and mind needs a good rest now.

Today I want to show you a beautiful pink polish from By K's newest collection. This one is called Camelia Rose and it really captures the soft romantic color of a Camelia flower! Perfect for a florist like myself ;)

Excellent formula! This is two coats. Vegan, certified cruelty free and not less than 5-free too!


Type of polish: Cream.

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Very good! Very self leveling!

Brush: Thin straight cut brush.

Top Coat: Yes. 

Color accuracy in pictures: Accurate but I have noticed that on some screens it shows a bit to bright. This is a soft medium pink polish.

Grade: 4/5

The only reason this didn't get a 5 is because pink isn't my favorite color. However, I really liked to wear this one though. If you are a pink lover you'd probably adore it! :)

How do you like Camelia Rose?


  1. This is pretty! I like it. Hope you are feeling better soon :-)

  2. Fin rosa, men jag har så många liknande att jag inte känner att jag behöver några fler.

  3. What a juicy looking pink!

  4. Hi doll - such a lovely summer color!!! It suits you very well - and what a Good Base for nailart - no???? Will you be going away during your vacation??? Four weeks sounds awesome -hadn't had that since I left school- you deserve this break for sure love!!!! Viele Küsschen xxx

  5. Beautiful, very romantic and so creamy! :-)


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