Wednesday, 9 July 2014

By K Glacier - swatches and review

I'm still struggling with the most horrible cold and cough but I couldn't resist trying this fantastic minty green from By K's newly released summer collection. This is Glacier and the name couldn't be more perfect! Imagine the color of the icebergs floating in the sea, just where the ice cold water meets the ice. That is the color of this polish! Stunning!

Perfect formula as always with By K! And of course 5-free, certified cruelty free and vegan :) Today it's Green Wednesday and I'm joining! ;)

Pinky without top coat. Rest of fingers with top coat.


Type of polish: Cream.

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Very good! You're in total control and it's self leveling too!

Brush: Thin straight cut brush.

Top Coat: No. Like many minty and turquoise polishes a top coat brings out the yellow in the color. Look at the last picture where pinky has no top coat whilst the others have one. I tried four different top coats, all with the same result. However, Glacier dries fast and shiny so a top coat is not needed.

Color accuracy in pictures: Accurate. 

Grade: 5/5

This is such a beautiful cool minty green! Perfect for summer! Great qualities and it always feels good to wear something cruelty free and vegan.

How do you like Glacier?


  1. A really great colour! I didn't know top coat would change the colour so much! O_O

  2. Väldigt söt och somrig färg!

  3. Hope you get better soon!

    Lovely color :)

  4. What a pretty colour :-)

    Ekk usually when I'm not well I tend not to have the energy to paint my nails! Plenty of water and honey :-)

  5. Hi doll, so sorry to hear about that cough - how horrible!!!! Glacier is one gorgwous polish - loooooove it!!! And thanks for the tip about top coat - it never occured to me before.... the difference truly is remarkable :-o!!! Get well soon my dear - viele Küsschen and some purrs from Nell xxx

  6. Löööööve Glacier! Å din pigmé pinky är sååå söt. ;) puss å kram

  7. I hope that you'll get better very soon! :-) The name is really perfect and the colour too! :-)


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