Friday, 25 July 2014

OPI DS Glamour - swatches and review

It's Friday. It's payday. I'm on holiday. AND it's time for Holothon again! Could it possibly get better?! ;) Today I'm going to show you an old favorite of mine (not gold or yellow lol!) - this is OPI DS Glamour!

I've showed it before but it's so beautiful and rare it deserves to be shown again - and again, and again... :)

Great formula, great rainbows, great base color - do I need to say more…? ;)


Type of polish: Holographic.

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Excellent! No bald spots, no streaks. So easy to apply! Dries fast.

Brush: Wide straight cut brush.

Top Coat: Yes. 

Color accuracy in pictures: Accurate. 

Grade: 5+++/5

The only negative thing about this polish was that it had a quite strong chemical smell to it. I haven't noticed it before so I'm wondering if it's an age thing…? I opened the bottle perhaps four years ago. It won't stop me from using it though ;)

How do you like Glamour?


  1. Gorgeous holo! I do like the look of some of these DS holos :-)

  2. It surely deserves to be shown again and again and again...! Gorgeous! :-)

  3. Oh, my, soooo freaking fabulous! I love this colour, but it is almost impossible to get. I'd love to see some nail art on it, or maybe a nail accent!
    Buone vacanze!
    bacci, xxx

  4. Love love love! Especially for the base colour!

  5. Underbar blåbärsblå nyans och ja, hela lacket ser ljuvligt ut.

  6. You say: it deserves to be shown again - and again, and again... :)
    I say: AMEN, sister. Amen! =)

  7. Fick jag bara välja ett enda favoritlack skulle jag välja detta. Holoperfektion!

  8. And I am never getting tired of seeing it!!! Such a beauty and wonderful on you!!! Amazing if you come to think about it - so many holos out there and here is this rather "old" little number that still manages to make us ogle and drool!! Have a lovely Saturday my dear - viele Küsschen xxx

  9. It's a stra-freaking gorgeousness!! You're lucky to have it :-D

  10. I love it so much! It's on my WL since quite a lot of time LOL

  11. Ah! DS Glamour! One of the most wanted holos out there :)

  12. My biggest OPI DS lemming. This is the only one I'm really longing for! *___*

  13. One of my most favourite nail polishes of all times! I've waited for years before having it in my stash, but finally last year I got it thanks to a swap! ^_^

  14. The holographic effect is "spaccaretina" *_*


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