Tuesday, 1 July 2014

By K Summer Collection

A late post today due to that I'm knackered by the cold I've caught :/ However, I was instantly feeling better when the entire summer collection from Danish By K came through my letter box! It looks amazing! I want to try every single one right now! Unfortunately this is not possible due to the bloody cold… Aaarrrrrgh! I want to be well NOOOOW!!!

Best of all - they are all 5-free, certified cruelty free and vegan!

Copper Heart, Pretty Nude, Dandelion, Lime Light
Confidence, Camelia Rose, Sugar Rush, Lavender Blue
Blue Lagoon, Waterfall, Mermaid Cave, Glacier

Which one would you have tried first?


  1. De ser fantastiska ut, där har du massa fint att leka med:)

  2. Wow there are some pretties here.

    Waterfall or Confidence would have been top of my list! :-)

  3. Those look good. I can't wait for swatches!

  4. De ser underbara ut, roligt med så många nya!

  5. Åh, den kollektionen såg verkligt intressant ut. Mermaid Cave speciellt:) Se till att krya på dig så vi andra kan få se de vackra lacken;)

  6. They are all beautiful, I bet you felt better after getting this package! :-)


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