Saturday, 27 April 2013

Holo Butterflies Nail Art

Today I'm just going to show you a simple stamped manicure - but made with only holo polishes :D
This is Catrice Dirty Berry with stamped butterflies!
The red butterflies are made with Jade Vermelho Surreal and the blue butterflies are made with Color Club Blue Heaven.
I've used Konad Plate m41 to stamp on the butterflies.
The pattern is very subtle but still quite pretty in my opinion ;)

How do you feel about this mani?
How do you like stamping with holo polishes?


  1. Man ser ju inte riktigt designen eftersom lacken ger för lite kontrast kanske. Lite synd. Men färgen på Dirty berry är fin.

    1. Nej, som jag skrev så är det en väldigt diskret nail art det här. Nästa gång ska jag göra med större kontraster.

  2. Jag hade nog önskat större kontrast mellan färgerna men jag är verkligen för holo+nailart och även stamping på det. Kanske hade en svart holo gjort större kontrast? Jag misstänker också att mönstret syns lite mer irl än på korten. Däremot har jag inte testat detta själv, men det lär jag ju måsta göra :D

    1. Jag ska prova med större kontraster nästa gång! Ja, varför inte en svart holo :D Kan bli supernice!
      Å jo, mönstret syns mer irl, helt rätt gissat! ;)

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  4. Ciao bella, I love your mani! Would you believe I also did stamped butterflies on Dirty berry a while ago, but I used regular polish. Stamping with holo is so difficult! But yours came out so perfect, do you do anything special or you just do as with regular polish?
    Great job!

    1. Ciao cara! No way?! Did you?! Have I missed it on your blog??? Sounds great with butterflies with regular polish over Dirty Berry! :D
      I think it's really important to choose which holos you use for stamping. Some are almost impossible for stamping but I've found out that Color Club's holos are really good for stamping! And Jade's! Otherwise I don't do anything different when stamping with holo polishes. Hope this helped a bit :)
      Stammi bene! Bacioni! xx

  5. Hi doll, how utterly beautiful and delicate. I love to see holo stamped manis. And I would of course love to do them myself but I cannot put a straight stamp on my nail even if my life depended on it - LOL!!! I hope your day is not too hectic and that you are doing fine - viele Küsschen xxx

  6. The pattern is almost invisible, but I guess it looks nice in real life! :-) Or maybe I love Catrice Dirty Berry so much that I just can't see anything else...! :-)


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