Saturday, 13 April 2013

Illamasqua Obsess - swatches and review

Today I want to show you one of my new Illamasqua polishes! :D This is Obsess - a bright fuchsia pink which is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! :D


Type of polish: Cream/Semi-neon.

Colour: A bright and vibrant fuchsia pink with an underlying hint of violet.

Opacity: Very good! This is two coats.

Formula: Excellent! An absolute PERFECT formula which almost applies itself! ;)

Brush: Excellent! Perfect size and softness! And as always is the smaller cap underneath the larger one very comfortable to apply with.

Shine: Dries a bit matte so there must be some neon pigment in this polish. I have one coat of Seche Vite top coat in these pictures.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Quite accurate! Perhaps a tiny bit less violet IRL.

Grade: 5+/5 :D

I'm not really a pink person but add a bit of neon and a hint of violet and I love it!! ;) I will wear this a lot in the summer! :D
China Glaze's Purple Panic (neon) is a relative to this polish. Not a dupe - a relative, like an aunt ;)

Do you like Obsess?
Do you start longing for neons now when spring/summer is coming? :)


  1. Riktigt snyggt! Jag vet inte hur många Illamasqua-lack jag suktar efter vid det här laget :P

  2. Hi doll, whoazers, this is gorgeous on you, you wear pink very well!!!! I have to admit, that with neons I get a bit age-conscious. I only own two or three neons and wear them only in summer on more leisure days. However I am addicted to those colors just short of neons, those go for any age (I am past my mid-forties in case you might wonder, so while I agree that one is as old as one feels, there ARE things that look weird come a certain age). Love xxx

  3. LoL "like an aunt " Obsess är heeelt underbar!! Ta med den t nästa gång vi ses:) xoxo

  4. Jag är inte så imponerad av Illamasqua. jag har några lack och jag tror Raindrops är den jag gillar mest även om den inte har en superformula. Den här har jag dock inte men jag tror jag håller mig till mina "vanliga" favoriter änså för färgen är ju inte unik.


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