Thursday, 25 April 2013

H&M Purple Mist - swatches and review

I normally like and show you most bright in-your-face colours but today I want to show you a quite neutral shade but with an edge ;)
I got this on a sale on H&M for half price. I probably wouldn't have bought is at full price - I admit that ;) But it's still a pretty shade which is kind of hard to describe... A lilac/pink/nude shimmer? ;) Anyhow, it's got excellent coverage for such a pale shimmer!! This is two coats.


Type of polish: Shimmer.

Colour: A pale dusky lilac leaning towards pink packed with pink and silver shimmer.

Opacity: Very good! This is two coats! That's actually excellent for a pale shimmer polish, at least in my book!

Formula: Very good! A nice formula which is easy to apply.

Brush: Very good! Nice to apply with.

Shine: Very shiny on its own so I have no top coat in these pictures.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Quite accurate! The shimmer was really hard to capture but it does transfer on to the nails. A bit more lilac looking IRL. The pictures show it a little bit too pink I think.

Grade: 3/5 :)

I 'm not a huge fan of pale nudelike polishes but this one has a very pretty shimmer that doesn't really show in my pictures. It was extremely hard to capture the shimmer!!
I think this would be a prefect workwear polish if you have a job that requires a more subtle polish. I have the luxury to be able to wear what ever I like on my job. As a creative florist the crazier polish the better!! ;) Lol! :D

How do you like Purple Mist?
Do you have to think of what polish you wear to work?


  1. Hi doll, I love Purple Mist - neutrals with an edge are soooo cool, and I think you captured the shimmer well, I also like those shades as a base for colorful Dotticures!! I mostly can have on my nails whatever I want (less though nailart) but I do have "corporate" days and weeks once in a while and prefer to go a bit discreet - have a lovely evening und viele Küsschen xxx

    1. Hi pet! I bought this last Saturday just before you started your neutrals with an edge week! :D i'm glad you like it :) Maybe I'll do a dotticure with it as a base ;)
      Hope all is well with you! Viele Küsschen! xxx

  2. Meh.. kikade på detta på HM idag (på rea) men plockade inte med det, om jag sett detta inlägg innan så hade jag nog köpt, speciellt eftersom det bara var en tia och bara krävde 3 lager. Hmm, får se om jag lyckas köpa sen ist..

    1. Du skulle slagit till! ;) Den är finare irl och det krävs bara 2 lager :)
      En tia?? Jag betalade en tjuga :/ Ja, ja bättre än 40 iaf ;)

  3. I like it! :-) I would surely add something on it! :-) That's me! :-)
    Fortunately, I don't have to think about what colour of nail polish is "allowed" or "not allowed" on work :-) I work in a supermarket and I have many ladies (clients) that can't wait to see my new manicure! :-)

    1. Next time I'll sure add something to it! ;)
      I bet your customers love all your manicures! I sure would! And am! :D


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