Saturday, 20 April 2013

Orly Hope & Freedom Fest Spring Collection 2013 - A summary

It's time to sum up Orly's Spring Collection 2013 - Hope & Freedom Fest!
This collection consists of six colours - two creams, two shimmers and two glitters. Orly's inspiration for this collection is the joy and energy that creates when people come together at festivals, concerts and such.

The bottles hold 18 ml each and they have the gorgeous grip cap which is so comfortable to work with! In Sweden you can get them at Åhléns, and and the are available now.

After trying them all I've made a list starting with my favourite and then descending. Click on the pictures to see more swatches and read a full review of each polish!

Boho Bonnet
Coachella Dweller
Peaceful Opposition
High on Hope
Elation Generation
Melodious Utopia
Almost the whole collection on one hand :)
Orly's inspiration picture

The formula of the glitters were great! The formula of the creams was very good but the formula on the shimmers were a bit on the thin side (not runny though).
The brushes in this collection were a bit thinner than normal which is a minus in my book since I like wide brushes ;)

I really like this collection though! It's a great combination of finishes and colours! I will wear them a lot this spring and upcoming summer!

How do you like this collection?
Would you have put them in another order of favourites?
Would you like to have them in your collection? :)


  1. I NEED elation generation!! and the yellow is also nice:)

    1. EG is really pretty! Both on it's own and for layering. You need it! ;)

  2. Föga förvånande gillar jag grönt, blått och gult bäst. :) Och måste hålla med, älskar korken, fattar inte att fler (iaf av de dyrare märkena) inte lägger mer tid och pengar på designen av korken o kombination av ergonomin.

    1. Lol! Ja, det var ju föga förvånande ;) Illamasqua har en bra korklösning tycker jag. Under den stora finns en liten, smidig och räfflad liten kork. De andra märkena verkar inte ha hängt på Orlys goda korksmak... Synd.

  3. I just took High on Hope off for my current mani. I loved it and really didn't want to take it off which is rare for me as I get tired of looking at a mani after a few days but not with this one. I ended up picking up all of these.

  4. Hi doll, gorgeous post and what a great collection, I love its versatility!!! I totally agree with your ranking though I would put Elation Generation as third, I find it just too unique ;-)!!! I hope you had a great Saturday and some fantastic plans for tomorrow - viele Küsschen xxx

  5. My favourites are Boho Bonnet, Coachella Dweller and High on Hope :-)


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