Thursday, 31 January 2013

Make your own gold flakes top coat - tutorial

Instead of buying an expensive 18 K gold top coat (like for example OPI The Man with the Golden Gun) you can easily make your nails look like you are wearing one! All you need is a gold polish and some plastic foil.
I've found this great tip on! The picture belongs to them.

photos/post/graphic design: Kristin Ess

How to do it:
1) First start off with a base colour.
2) To achieve the golden speckles, take a small piece of plastic foil and crinkle it up.
3) While holding most of the crinkled plastic in your hand, paint some of the gold nail polish onto the plastic. Before blotting the plastic on your nail, start by dabbing the crinkled plastic onto a paper towel to remove any excess nail polish.
4) Dab carefully on to your nails. You may have to reapply the gold polish onto the plastic bag every couple of nails.
5) Do a clean up to remove access polish.
6) To seal off the manicure apply your favorite clear top coat.

I have tried this and it's not hard, but as we all know - practise makes perfect ;)
You can also apply this technique with other colours of course. Maybe white on black for a black marble effect?  

Will you try this technique?
Which colours would you choose?


  1. Replies
    1. Oh do try it Helena!
      And show us the result on your blog! :D

  2. Oh, tack! Det här ska jag testa! :)
    Häftigt vore det ju med svart och vitt som du säger. Kanske svart och guld, svart och silver.. Ska fundera lite mer på färger men ska bli kul att testa. :)

    1. Man får testa sig fram helt enkelt ;)
      Ska bli kul att se vad du hittar på! :D
      Du visar väl på bloggen sen??

  3. Oh coolt, det tror jag också att jag måste testa nån gång. Tack! :-)

  4. Åh, det här ska jag nog också testa.:)

  5. This looks great! What a creative method =) Definitely beats overpaying for the gold flakie top coats!

  6. Yäääy något för oss snåla elr jag menar Sparsamma ;) Kul att dy tipsa om Bra,Bättre, Bäst alternativ!:D

  7. Ciao bella, what a great tutorial! I NEED to try this! but I wouldn't try with gold, maybe as you said black and white for marble effect. I think it might look awesome.
    bacioni!! xxx

    1. Ciao and grazie bella! :D
      Do try it Nati! I'd love to see this on your blog!!


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