Saturday, 26 January 2013

Ciaté Pepperminty - swatches and review

This is my first work free weekend since September!!! Jippie!!! :D So how do I celebrate and make the most out of it...? I'm at home having a very soar throat and cough :( Yay... Anyway, this doesn't stop me from doing my nails and showing them to you! :)

This is a great minty turquoise polish from Ciaté which Goldie has kindly lent to me! :D The formula is great and I don't think I've ever had so many compliment from customers as when I wore this yesterday at work!! :D I guess people are really longing for spring now here in snowy, freezing Sweden :)
Now! Let's eyeball this darling shall we? :)


Type of polish: Cream.

Colour: A minty pale green turquiose.

Opacity: Very good! This is two coats.

Drying time: Normal.

Formula: Very good! Very nice formula! It stays where you want it to.

Brush: Excellent! Thick, firm and very easy to work with! I love Ciaté's brushes! :D

Shine: Very shiny on its own. No top coat in these pictures.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Quite accurate. The slightly more greenish picture is the most accurate.

Grade: 4+/5 :)

This is a great spring colour! It's so fresh and crispy that you can almost taste the peppermint in your mouth ;) The formula is great too! And this one actually suits my skintone in my point of view :) If it had been more bright and a one coater I'd have given it 5/5 ;) I'm getting spoiled with those one coaters now ;)

Do you like Pepperminty?


  1. Åhhh så snygg! En underbar färg som passar perfekt till våren.
    Krya på dig!

  2. Förstår att folk kommenterat dem mycket, vårigt och härligt. :) Om du inte såg svaret på min kommentar på min blogg så hette ebaysäljaren jag köpt KC-lack från joy017. Kom på att det kanske är smart att köpa dem innan ev frakt höjs, de kommer ju från USA.. :)

    1. Tack snälla för tipset!! :D Ska kolla in de där!!
      När är det den där frakten ska höjas egentligen?
      Beställde härom dagen från USA och då var det samma frakt som vanligt.

    2. Ja, det står att det höjs from 27 (idag) fast egentligen innebär det att i praktiken är det dyrare imorrn, måndag. Fast i lackabyt på fb så skrev cactus att de som velat höja troligtvis redan höjt eftersom annars skulle de ju förlora på försäljningen under helgen. Så jag vet inte. Kollade H2T och sen sist jag beställde hade de höjt med 5dollar. Jag tror det kanske funkar nu under helgen. Så ska beställa idag för det kanske finns risk att det höjs imorrn om man har otur.

  3. Love this color! It's such a happy fresh cool color.

  4. Hi Pet, oh so sorry about your cough. Am under the radar myself, seems my body does nor yet know if it should cave in or fight the cold :-S!!! So funny I wore an aqua color on Friday for the very same reasons ;-)!!! I love Pepperminty - I lately really have a thing for turqoise and aqua colors. This one is absolutely lovely on ya xxx

    1. Hi darling! :D
      Oh I so hope your body decides to figh!! My gave in... :(
      My last cough lasted six weeks and four of them was very very bad... I don't want to go through that again... :/
      I'm having a brew now and then off to bed :)
      Maybe it's that longing for spring that makes you want to wear shades like this one? I bet you look really good in these type of shades too!!! :D
      Take care pet! Hope you feel better tomorrow!! <3

  5. Det här var verkligen vårigt och fint, förstår att dina kunder tyckte om det. Och krya på dig, inget roligt att vara sjuk.

  6. Min favorit Efter Color club Blue Ming ;)


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