Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Ciaté Cutie Pie - swatches and review

Today I'm showing you a real cutie pie! :D Yes, literally ;) Cutie Pie from Ciaté :)
I'm not a big fan of these pale baby pink pastells, but this one is fairly... cute! :P
I got this mini bottle from Ciaté's advent calandar.


Type of polish: Cream.

Colour: A very pale baby pink.

Opacity: Good! This is two coats. A third coat may have been good, but two coats is enough as well.

Drying time: Normal.

Formula: Good! Nice texture and easy to work with. Stays where you want it to. Apply first coat with light strokes to avoid bald spots. Second coat applies much better.

Brush: Very good! Thick, firm and very easy to apply with!

Shine: Very shiny on its own, but I have one coat of Seche Vite in these pictures.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Accurate. What you see is what you get! ;)

Grade: 3+/5 :)

I liked this polish more than I thought actually :) Ok, it doesn't really suit my skintone, but it's a cute pink, the formula is good and I love the cute name of it! How many times have I written cute today..?? ;)
In some lighting it makes my nails look almost artificial, but I don't mind that.
I know they are real ;)

Do you like Cutie Pie?


  1. This is really pretty! I usually am drawn to brighter colors, but every now and then I need a good neutral pink shade.

    1. Me too like bright colours! But this one is good for French manis for example. And it's quite pretty too! :)

  2. Jag tyckte faktiskt om denna. Den är så blek att den nästan går åt vit. Som en ljus pastell. Har faktiskt ingen som denna som är creme. :)

    1. Ja, den är verkligen ljus ljus rosa.
      Vårig och fräsch :)

  3. I do like soft pink shades, they give such a "clean" look. This one looks great on you. I like very much the fact that you included some pictures with natural light, too.
    Are you giving only 3/5 because is not your fave? or there were other issues with it? would love to know!
    baci, xx (I'll answer to your mail this evening!)

    1. Ciao Nati!:D
      Yes, I felt very fresh while wearing it actually! :D It's a great base for a French mani too! :D
      I try to always include a daylight picture if there is any daylight when I take pictures of a polish. They give a certain dimention to the overall look of the polish.
      The grade of 3 is because I'm not a pale pink fan at all and I didn't think it suited my skintone that well... No other issues I promise! Do you think I was a bit harsh on it...? ;)
      I've received your mail and I was so happy to read it! Will resond shortly!!

  4. Jag tycker den e fin på dej! Å konar dy så blir den ännu finare.:) Jag får nog ta fram min till helgen, tånaglarna behöver göras i ordning.Funderar på att måla en halvmåne m silver, det kan nog bli sött:) xoxo

    1. Jag tycker inte den passar min hudton så där jättebra faktiskt... :/ Men på tårna blir den nog superfräch!! Å halvmåne i silver låter ju ascoolt!! :D
      Jag ska inte kona denna, jag ska göra nåt helt annat ;)
      INTE avslöja nåt nu Goldie!!! :P

  5. Well now I say cute in your place ;-)!!! This suits you so well - in the pictures it looks so pretty with your skin tone. It seems today we have synched posts - love that :-)

    1. Thanks! You are always soo sweet!! Or should I say cute...? ;)
      I can't really decide if it suits my skintone now... many of you says it does but I'm not convinced... ;)
      LOVE that we has synched posts!!! :D

  6. Äntligen inne från dator så det funkar att kommentera :) Super sött lack, nog extra fint till sommarn om man lyckas få lite solbränna (:

    1. Ja, du har helt rätt! Säkert finare till lite solbränna. Fast jag brukar aldrig lyckas bli nåt brun :/


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