Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Gina Tricot Holographic Pink - swatches and review

This is the last polish I have to show you from Gina Tricot's Holographic Mini Collection. This is Holographic Pink!

Before I've shown you green, blue and multi and, in my opinion, only the green one is holographic. I think you all have agreed with me too ;) This one is also a shame to call holo!! It's not holo at all! And since I'm not really a pink polish fan I don't really like the colour either to be honest...

But you can't always show high score polishes can you? ;) If you like pink perhaps you like this....? Or? ;)


Type of polish: Something between shimmer and foil (Label says holo, but I say no ;)).

Colour: A medium pink (with hints towards heather pink) packed with silver shimmer and micro silver glitters.

Opacity: Good! This is two coats.

Drying time: Normal.

Formula: Good! The texture is nice and it stays where you want it to.

Brush: Ok. A bit thin which gives the polish a bit of a streaky look. This could easily have been avoided with a thicker brush.

Shine: Shiny on its own. No top coat in these pictures.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Accurate. A bit more sparkly and glittery IRL. In the daylight picture you can really see all the silver shimmer in this polish.

Grade: 1/5 :/

To me this polish isn't hardly worth the 10 kr (£1 or $1.5) I bought it for on sale... But the whole holo collection was sold as a pack of four so I had no choice since I wanted the others.
Or am I having a bad day...? Perhaps I'd like this polish better another day...? ;)

Are you having a good day? Do you like this polish more than I do...? ;)


  1. Ingen holoeffekt nej, och kanske ingen wow färg, men den är helt ok. :-)

    1. Du är alltid så positiv Ann-Sofie!
      Jag gillar dig så för det!! <3

  2. Pretty. I love the shimmers in it.

    1. I'm glad someone likes it! ;)
      Maybe it deserves better than my low grade...

  3. Inte riktigt min kopp te, det kan jag inte påstå. ;-) Och jag tycker det är lite falsk marknadsföring att kalla något för holo som inte är det.

  4. Men, varför kallar de det för holographic om det inte ens innehåller lite holoskimmer? Galet!

  5. Skönt dy satte en etta på den för den e hemsk! Sorry men den e riktigt tantig i färgen å dy e Ingen tant så i soporna med den!!!! B-)
    Älskar din kommentar "Label says holo, but I say no" jag tänker genast på Carol fr Little Britain som alltid säger Computer says No! Hahaha

    1. LOL! Det är EXAKT så jag hör det i huvudet när jag läser det "but I say NO!!" LOL! :D
      Å nej, det här är inte direkt mitt finaste lack :P

  6. Hi Jezz! I totally agree this is not holo, is even misleading to call it that. While the shade is not bad, I prefer brighter shades of pink, or softer ones, but I like this one too.
    Hope you're feeling better from your flu!xxx

    1. Ciao Nati!! :D
      GT should be ashamed of themselves to call this holo actually >:-(
      It's very misleading.
      I'm glad you like it though! Every polish deserves to be liked by someone ;)
      Grazie mille for caring <3 but I'm not feeling any better yet :( The opposite actually... :'( But I'm hoping for a miracle ;)
      Did you get my mail by any chance...? No hurry or even need to respond! Just wondering really :)
      Baci cara!

  7. Yay Jezz, what a great post to read, I am with you though with regard to this polish. Even pasting my eyeball to my screen did not help in discovering anything holo and this polish is not for me either I am afraid. And my day started out as a nightmare and ended well :-) how was your day sweetie? xxx

    1. Hi pet!
      Sorry to hear that your day started out so badly :( What happend?? And did something exceptional good happen in the end of it?? :D
      I've just had an awful day all day long beeing ill :( I'm tired of beeing ill now!
      Hope you had a great day today!

  8. Det är en del av marknadsföring antar jag - och på så sätt få fler att köpa lacken...
    Men färgen tyckte jag faktiskt om!!

    1. Antagligen är det så, men det gör ju bara att man inte litar på de istället.
      Roligt att du gillade färgen iaf! :)


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