Saturday, 24 May 2014

Duochrome Week: Summary of Barry M Aquarium Collection

Here is a short summary of the duochromes from the Barry M Aquarium Collection. The one I like most is on top an so on.

I'm actually surprised myself that I liked the orange/red/pink Mediterranean so much! They are not normally my favorite colors. But I think I liked the glow of it. Like a sunset :) And it has almost no visible brushstrokes at all.

Caspian was so pale I found it a bit boring. Good for office use though.

Overall a nice formula. Two coats of all of them. Fast drying. Reasonable priced at £3.99 for 10 ml. If you are a duochrome lover - get them! :)

Barry M Mediterranean
Barry M Pacific
Barry M Arabian
Barry M Caspian

Which is your favorite duochrome polish from this collection?


  1. These were great! Nice collection of duochromes.

  2. I'd have to say I found Caspian quite boring too!

  3. Jag gillar Caspian och Arabian. Fast den gyllenröda är ju exceptionell.

  4. Hi doll, I loved your Review of these duo/multi chromes. I am a bit astonished, that the two blueish are so close though. I am with you and Ananka, Caspian Sea was the least appealing. Maybe slapping it over a different Base Color breaths more life into it? Have a lovely day und viele Küsschen xxx

  5. I like Mediterrean. It's in the Man of la Mancha's family. Caspian is boring, but maybe over a blu base it could be more interesting. =)


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