Friday, 23 May 2014

Duochrome week: Comparison Impala Sex Appeal and Barry M Mediterranean

When I tried Barry M's Mediterranean I knew I had something similar in my stash and after some searching I found the bottle I was looking for, Impala's Sex Appeal.

They look quite alike in the bottles but they are not dupes. Barry M's Mediterranean has a flash of pink which Impala's Sex Appeal don't have. This is due to the almost foil finish of Mediterranean. Sex Appeal is more smooth and also shows a darker shade of orange too.

Sex Appeal has a much stronger chemical smell than Mediterrean, uncomfortably strong actually, but I still prefer Sex Appeal over Mediterranean. It's more smooth and intense. If you are a big fan of orange/red douchromes you of course need both of these :)

In these pictures I've got Barry M Mediterranean on middle finger and pinkie. Impala Sex Appeal on pointer and ring finger.

Which one do you prefer?


  1. They are both very similar. I've never tried the Impala one but I really like the Barry M :-)

  2. Vilken som funkar för mig men jag har faktiskt ingen av dem. :D

  3. They both look so similar to one another.

  4. Hi doll - while they look similar I certainly would prefer the Impala over Barry M - it seems to own more vibrance - viele Küsschen xxx

  5. Båda är vackra så jag tror jag behöver skaffa iaf ett av dem. :-)

  6. Jättevackra båda två! Jag har Barry M, men skulle vilja köpa Impala för jämförelse - men var kan man köpa det?


  7. Båda är fina men jag skulle nog välja Sex Appeal, gillar finishen på den mest...


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