Saturday, 17 May 2014

New arrivals!

Due to a swop, an arrived llarowe parcel and boyfriend-went-to-London I got some new arrivals this week :)

Picture Polish Chillax
Picture Polish Swagger
Zoya Yara
Illamasqua Facet
Jade Holografico Sunset
No7 (names or numbers unknown)

I've already tried one of these ;) but I can't wait to try the rest!
Guess which one I tried first…? :)


  1. Sunset är underbar! Jag har den och älskar den!

  2. Hi doll, what a great assemblage of beauties!!! Hmmmmm my guess? Swagger? Viele Küsschen xxx

  3. Nice new arrivals! I'm surprised the No7 don't have names or numbers they usually have a sticker on the lid!

    I'm guessing here but the left one looks like Damson Dream and the middle one could be Milan - I've got these two and they look really similar to them! I've no idea about the right one though.

  4. Så mycket nytt snyggt!!! Jag gissar på Yara eller Facet.

  5. Åh så fina! Sunset det fantastisk ut!


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