Thursday, 5 September 2013

Comparison of Essie For the Twill of It and H&M Wintersky

Lately I've been reading on several blogs that H&M Wintersky is extremely similar to Essie For the Twill of It. Some bloggers even call them dupes! This is NOT true! They are definitely not dupes and not even that similar either as a matter of fact!

I have the pleasure of owning both polishes and I let my pictures speak for themselves :) This is two coats of each polish.

Essie on pointer and ring. H&M on middle and pinkie.

As you can see Wintersky is much more pale and silvery whereas For the Twill of It is much more dark grey. Yes, the both have a duo chrome effect to lilac and green but they are not dupes! They both have a much deserved place in any collection! :)

Speaking of grey/lilac/green duo chromes released this fall, For the Twill of It is much more similar to OPI Peace & Love & Opi! I don't have the OPI one but here's a bottle comparison.

From what I have seen on other blogs they are VERY similar but not dupes either. Apparently there is a tiny difference in the shade of the lilac and in the amount of visible brush strokes. This is not my own conclusion but only what I've read.

I think the H&M is the best alternative here. I like that it's so pale and that it is the most unique one of these three. It also has by far the best price!

Which one is your favorite?


  1. Hi sweetie, great post, great comparison - thank you very much!!! Now I am surprised at the idea of dupes - those two are really way out of being twins - related still but not closely - I like the H&M best Essie and Opi remind me of Color Club Portfolio - a tiny little bit and if my memory serves me right - viele Küsschen xxx

  2. Yay, äntligen så kom det en bra jämförelse på dem! Tusen tack! Jag har ju bara HM's variant som du vet och enligt de första pressbilderna så såg Essie's mycket ljusare ut, typ påminnande om HM's.. Jag gillar dock att de var så olika, jag måste definitivt skaffa Essie's men även OPI's bara för skojs skull, så vida det inte visar sig att de faktiskt är exakta dupéer. :D

  3. Great comparison of the two! There both really unique :)

  4. I like Essie For the Twill of It :-)

  5. Snygga lack båda två, men Essies är definitivt snyggast!

  6. I think I would choose the H&M polish but both are really gorgeous!

  7. Jag har OPI och jag måste säga att Essie-lacket är väääldigt, väldigt likt det.

  8. Dom är ju inte lika alls! Undrar varifrån folk fått den idén? Eller ja, dom är ju samma skimrande gråaktiga färg men i fullständigt olika ändar av skalan.

  9. Nej du, inga dupes där inte. En del har så lätt att kalla lack för dupes. Ska man kalla lack för dupes så skade ju vara typ oskiljaktiga. Hmm...


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