Thursday, 12 September 2013

Surprise Nail Mail!

Earlier this week I got a note from the post office saying that I had a parcel to pick up. I was very surprised because I hadn't ordered anything. To my great great surprise it was a nail mail from my dear wonderful blog friend Christine from Polished Marvels! :D

Christine lives in Switzerland but this time the nail mail was filled with Brazilian polishes and as icing on the cake - Cirque Bejeweled! :D A stunning blue holo!

Christine also sent me two super cute make-up kits! Each kit containing two eye shadows and a lip gloss. There was also some nail art stickers on the theme Oktober Fest! Ûber cute!! So now I really must try to do some Oktober Fest nails :)

Thank you so so so much Christine!! It was a wonderful surprise! You are really spoiling me rotten!!

Cirque Bejeweled
Modha HD Metallic Atrevida (means bold)
Perola Champs Élysées
Modha Nacarado Flashback

I have tried some Brazilian brands before, like Jade and Ludurana but above brands are new to me. I'll be so fun to try new exotic brands from Brazil!

Have you heard of or tried these Brazilian brands?
Which polish from this nail mail are you most curious to see?


  1. Were can I find a friend like that?? Wonderful nailmail :)

  2. Åh men så gulligt av henne. Vill också ha såna vänner....hihi...;-)

  3. Wow, vilket underbart paket! :D Modha har jag hört positivt om, vet att de ska ha riktigt fina duochromer tex. Ska bli superspännande att se allihopa! :D

  4. Vilka fina saker! Det är ju bara bäst att få överraskningspaket! :-)

  5. Ciao Jezz what a gret surprise! I love mail surprises too! sometimes my mom sends me things from Argentina without telling me and those are the best mail packages! She never sends me polish thought, lol!
    I got the stickers and the pink makeup kit myself the other day, I'd love to see your Oktoberfest mani!!
    bacioni cara, xx

  6. Wow, what a great friend :) And great polishes!

  7. Men så mkt roligt! Bejeweled är verkligen ett fantastiskt lack, ska bli roligt att höra vad du tycker om den...

  8. Great nail mail surprise! :-) I knew that at the end there was going to be a question like "Which polish from this nail mail are you most curious to see?" :-) My answer is: Cirque Bejeweled!!! :-)

  9. There are some beautiful colours in there! :D

  10. Oh! Bejeweled! Den hade jag gärna fått på posten! Vill också höra vad du tycker och om du blir lika hänförd av det som Emma var.

  11. Hi doll, so happy you liked my surprise!!!! I am so curious how you like the Brazilian polishes I sent! I have them as well and find them wonderful so I am eager to hear your judgement ;-)!!! Enjoy painting sweetie - viele viele Küsschen xxx


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